Crows Destroying Windscreen Wipers 

Everyone knows the intelligence and the wickedness of the crows.

Many people hate and do all the possible things to keep them away.

After all, these black birds have been causing many issues to people, particularly for car owners.

Others would only find their cars one day horribly scratched by them, damaging the car paint and even the windscreen wipers. 

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But why do crows keep on scratching and pecking at the windscreen wipers?

Well, birds can be really territorial and aggressive, such as crows.

These birds are protective and wary against other birds, especially for those they have deemed as threats.

If you have a shiny car, it is likely that crows see their reflection and think of it as a rival bird.

This is the main reason why crows persistently destroy, peck, and scratch cars, particularly the surface and wipers with their beaks and talons.

Now I know what you’re thinking

How do you stop crows pecking your windscreen wipers?

Well, let’s find out!

How Do I Stop Crows Eating My Windscreen Wipers? (4 Ways To Stop This) 

Crows Destroying Windscreen Wipers 

Though crows do undeniably cause some issues and hassles for other people, there are still ways to keep them away.

If you’ve been consistently pestered by these intelligent birds, it is better to find actions to stop the trouble. 

Here are some things you can do to stop the crows from eating your windscreen wipers, and damaging your vehicle: 

1. Cover your car 

The best way to prevent the trouble of fixing your windscreen wipers and car paint is to cover your entire vehicle with a car cover.

This would prevent the crows from seeing their reflection on your car’s surface, completely stopping them from attacking your vehicle. 

2. Protect your windscreen wipers with a pvc pipes

Replacing and getting your windscreen wipers every single time can really become costly for you.

Not only can your car paint get damaged from crows, but also your windscreen wipers.

To protect it, you can cover them with pvc pipes and prevent crows from destroying it over time.

Crows will naturally leave it alone after several days when they get tired of attacking it. 

3. Install sound-emitting devices 

Devices that would emit loud distress calls can scare these bully birds away.

This is an effective crow scare that will make crows leave your vehicle alone.

Distress calls are highly-pitched sounds that make birds think that there is a lurking predator nearby. 

4. Put decoys in the vicinity 

Another trick that works best for many car owners is putting a fake predator decoy near the area.

There are a lot of decoys available to purchase online that can be quite effective against crows. 

Having a predator decoy bird, such as hawks and owls, will keep crows away from your vehicle.

Crows also recognize snakes as one of their natural enemies as deadly predators, so having a rubber snake in the area will also help. 

Why is a Crow Attacking My Car? 

Crows are considered to be a nuisance by many car owners.

Surely, you might have woken up one day witnessing how these birds continuously peck and attack your vehicle with their beaks and talons. 

The reason why crows attack your car, especially if it is a shiny, black, and a nice-looking vehicle, is because of their reflection.

These birds are highly territorial and can be quite aggressive towards other birds.

They think that their reflection on your car is another bird that is eyeing and claiming their territory, hence the reason they attack 

Do Crows Eat Rubber? 

Crows love to destroy and peck at things, especially when they hate it.

Whenever you see crows eating and tearing your windshield wipers, it is not because the material like rubber is delicious. 

Crows do not eat rubber at all.

They only attack your windscreen wipers because of the reflection seen against the surface and the windows.

No one knows the real reason behind their attacks, but it is said that aside from the mistaken threat they see which is their reflection, windscreen wipers are annoying to them. 

Fortunately enough, many vehicle owners have found solutions to keep these obnoxious birds away.

A lot of people cover their vehicle and install crow scares like decoy, reflective objects, and sound devices. 

Wrapping Up

Many people think of crows as a nuisance.

After all, these birds keep on destroying things such as cars or as this article states, windscreen wipers! 

Hence, many vehicle owners find them extremely troublesome as crows damage the car paint and the windscreen wipers with their beaks and talons. 

Since crows are highly territorial, they attack cars as they see their reflection on the surface.

There are various ways to counter crow attacks such as covering the vehicle, installing predator decoys, and also having sound-emitting devices that produce distress calls. 


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