Do Pigeons Grieve? 

Pigeons are among the wonderful birds we have in the world. In fact, these birds are one of the species that are able to clearly express their sadness. They are said to have clear emotional intelligence and act sometimes in emotional situations. With that said, do pigeons really grieve whenever a companion has died? The … Read more Do Pigeons Grieve? 

Do Pigeons Eat Grass?

It’s difficult to maintain a beautiful yard – it’s not only time-consuming but also expensive. Unfortunately, this doesn’t matter to many animals that will grab a chance to damage your garden. Although you may occasionally see pigeons pecking through the grass, they actually aren’t eating your grass. Rather, they are pecking for the worms and … Read more Do Pigeons Eat Grass?

Do Eagles Eat Pigeons?

Though each eagle species has different diet preferences, however, eagles are opportunistic hunters. You see, a hungry eagle will eat almost anything, from gophers to a dead floating fish. And so, pigeons are no exception. Therefore, If the opportunity presents itself, a hungry eagle will surely eat a pigeon. Here’s what you’re going to discover … Read more Do Eagles Eat Pigeons?

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