Can Crows Eat Grapes? 

Crows are known for being omnivorous birds.

They can literally eat anything ranging from fruits, seeds, insects, eggs, small birds, and even human food.

Crows are also famous for being clever enough to hunt and seek their everyday food.

Still, it will make sense if there are still some foods that these large cawing birds cannot eat.

If you have any wild crows trying to befriend (if you are, do check out my article How to befriend a crow), then do you know what are the best and worst foods to give them?

Find out! 

With that said, can you give crows some grapes?

Berries and fruits are among the food that these black birds have access to all time of the year.

Grapes are naturally one of them, so it is nice for you to keep some fruits to feed to your backyard crows.

All other fruits such as apples, blueberries, grapes, and cherries are good nutritional sources.

Likewise, there are still other kinds of food you can feed to them to instantly make crows your friends. 

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Are Grapes Good For Crows? 


Grapes are good for crows to feed since they contain several nutrients that are good for these birds.

Almost all kinds of fruits and berries are safe and nutritious for the crows to eat.

It is recommended to keep some grapes and other fruits to feed them. 

However, it is said that crows do not find fruits and berries, like grapes, delicious or something to their liking

Sure, they are capable and willing to eat them, but it does not mean that they absolutely love the taste.

It is just that grapes and all other fruits are always available throughout the year.

Crows have almost all time access and get to eat them a lot. 

Do Crows Eat Fruit? 

As said, crows have a really diverse diet.

They can even eat animals, insects, seeds, and vegetables.

Of course, it goes without saying that crows also eat fruit!

In fact, fruits and seeds almost make up three-quarters of their diet. 

Fruits can literally be anywhere to find.

No wonder crows often have fruits in their day-to-day life because of the abundance of food sources.

Crows also eat wild fruits, such as wild grapes, wild cherries, figs, dogwood, and many more. 

If you are interested in feeding them fruits, it is suggested to cut them into bits.

This will make it easier for them to consume and avoid any fights.

However, crows do not find fruits tasty compared to other options they have. 

This leads me to my next point and something you may be wondering too

What’s the best thing to feed crows?

Let’s find out

What Is The Best Thing To Feed Crows? 

Probably one of the best methods to befriend all your neighbor’s crows is to give them food.

Crows remember people’s faces quite remarkably, so if they know that you are that kind of person whom they can look for food, then expect a good relationship with them.

But the problem is the food itself.

Crows have really a wide set of options of food out there.

While you can just literally give them any food you have in your house, it will still give you benefit if you give them the best or their favorites. 

Giving them their favorite food will make them love you and come back for more!

Crows love any nuts, like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and many more.

You can also try to give them eggs whether it is raw, boiled, or any cooked egg.

It does not really matter to them because they love eggs, no matter how it is served!

These cawing birds are also known for eating meat, so giving them scraps like chicken, fish, or any meat would be great. 

Lastly, it is said that one of the best foods and one of their favorites are dried pellets of dog or cat food.


You read that right!

Crows love eating dried pet food! 

Talking about cat food, check out my article – Will crow attack cats?

So what shouldn’t you feed them?

What Should You Not Feed a Crow? 

No bird can eat every single edible thing in the world, including crows.

Despite having a diverse diet, there are still foods that you should not give to them.

In the worst case scenario, you would not want to accidentally poison and kill a crow and be targeted by the rest of the flock.

In any case, do not feed these birds with seeds from peaches, apples, cherries, pears, and other fruits that may contain cyanide in the seeds.

Obviously, these seeds are poisonous to them, so it is best to remove them first.

There are also foods that can cause stomach upsets to these crows, such as pepper, mushrooms, and beans.

While crows can also eat human food, do not give them anything that has high sugar content.

They may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and other serious conditions. 

Wrapping Up

It is known that crows can eat almost anything ranging from insects, seeds, fruits, meat scraps, and human food.

Among them all, fruits and seeds are the most common meal they could find in the wild, like grapes.

Though crows may eat these fruits without any problems, they show less preference to this compared to other options. 

There are also certain foods you can give to them that they will absolutely love.

Food items like pet food, eggs, meat scraps top the list.

On the other hand, avoid feeding them toxic food such as beans, seeds that contain cyanide, and human food with high sugar content because they might suffer from certain health conditions.

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