Are Eclectus Parrots Cuddly?

One of the best parts of having a bird in your home is having moments and giving each other some cuddles.

Many pet birds are extremely dependent, lovable, and sweet to their bird owners.

Are you also looking for particular pets that you can pamper and spoil every time?

Nowadays, parrots are commonly chosen pets because of their sweet personality. 

You should know that there are wide varieties of parrots in the world, and one of them is Eclectus parrots.

Many bird owners are aware that ekkies can be pretty aggressive during their mating season, so you might become hesitant and unsure if they are also cuddly birds, and are great in expressing their love..

The truth is: Eclectus parrots are only a little cuddly, but they can be really friendly and affectionate.

In fact, they are also gentle, calm, and very caring pets.

They can be great bird companions for you! 

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

      • Do Eclectus Parrots like to cuddle?
      • Are Eclectus Parrots noisy?
      • How you can bond with your Eclectus Parrot
      • Do parrots in general like to be cuddled?

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Do Eclectus Parrots Like To Cuddle? 

These parrots are extremely sexually dimorphic – meaning there are large differences between the color of male and female eclectus.

This is also typically used by many owners to distinguish and categorize the personality of parrots: females, having red color appearance, are usually more bossy and aggressive than males which usually bear emerald green feathers. 

Male eclectus parrots are more gentle, timid, and happy go lucky, hence they are usually preferred by people.

Females can become aggressive especially when they sexually mature.

Although their colors and personalities might be pretty different from one another, both genders can be really affectionate and loving companions. 

Though it is claimed by owners that they are not really that much of a cuddly bug.

Even though they are sweet and lovable, they tend to become slightly independent.

However, these parrots still thrive best when there is a lot of socialization between you and other birds. 

This is also the main reason why eclectus parrots are easily trained and are not considered to be so demanding pets. 

Are Eclectus Parrot Noisy?

Eclectus parrots belong to the top 5 best talkers among parrot species.

Precisely because ekkies can talk and sing extremely clearly.

They are also highly intelligent birds, making it easy for them to pick up new vocabularies. 

Though they are great talkers, many eclectus owners find them on the quieter side compared to other parrot species.

The only noticeable thing whenever eclectus parrots are having their vocalizations is that they can be really loud and startling for others. 

If you are easily amazed with parrots’ ability to vocalize, it is pretty likely you’ll be more amazed with the great speech abilities of this specific species.

How Do You Bond With An Eclectus Parrot? 

If you are considering having an eclectus parrot, be informed that it will not really become easy to establish a bond and strong relationship with them.

After all, ekkies are clever birds.

They will not easily trust and choose to become your closest companion with just the mere fact you’re feeding and taking care of them. 

So, how do you exactly establish a strong relationship and bond with an eclectus parrot? 

1. Spend a lot of time with your bird 

Eclectus parrots might not really be cuddly, but they are extremely friendly and affectionate.

These birds also place huge importance on socialization, so spending time with them is a must.

Be sure to allot time with your pet birds, so they will not develop shyness and any other barriers that could hinder your relationship. 

2. Give them positive attention and reinforcements 

Always treat your eclectus parrot calmly, gently, and positively.

Try to give them treats, praise them and encourage good behaviors, and also pet them from time to time.

You can also give them some toys so you can play with them to initiate a bond and interaction between the two of you. 

3. Be consistent

Bonding with an eclectus parrot will take time, especially for new bids.

Newly-adopted and welcomed bird members can be pretty shy, quiet, and only stay or sit inside their cage.

Trust cannot be gained easily, especially for ekkies.

Just be consistent and always be gentle with your birds.

Also let them come to you as it will only mean that they no longer view you as a threat. 

Patience and consistency is key

But hey, once your ekkie has bonded with you, it would definitely be worth it for sure! 

One other thing you can do is teach your parrot some funny things to say

Have a look at my article > 7 funny things to teach your parrot to say

Do Parrots (in general) Like To Be Cuddled? 

Parrots in general can be really cuddly friends.

Most species are gentle, affectionate, loving, and really wonderful companions.

Though they can’t really become cuddly to the extent of snuggling in your neck or lap as they have their own ways of expressing their love for their owners. 

Still, not because most parrot species are affectionate, they are all cuddly.

They just really value socialization, interaction, and bonds over anything, given how they are naturally loving and interactive with one another. 

Parrots have their ways to show their affection, such as whistling, resting on your shoulder, rubbing their beaks on you, regurgitating food on you, and sometimes making some calls  or singing at you. 

Wrapping Up

Eclectus Parrots are not likely the cuddly type birds. Even though they are considered to be affectionate and friendly, they are not into physical touch and cuddles.

Still, these parrots are great companions and perfect bird pets. 

They are also considered to be gentle, calm, and quiet birds, especially the male ones.

Female parrots can be pretty aggressive sometimes, but it doesn’t mean they are horrible pets.

All in all, eclectus parrots are wonderful to have and can literally give you and your whole family a loving experience. 


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