Do Vultures Live In The Desert?

Vultures are flesh-lover birds, but they do not prey for living. Instead, they depend on carrions (remnants of carcasses) and consume the last bit of flesh. Categorically vultures have been classified as “old world vultures” and “new world vultures“. All world vultures share many alikenesses in physical appearance, strength and habitat preferences. In this article, … Read more Do Vultures Live In The Desert?

Do Vultures Hunt?

We all know vultures eat dead carrion But do they hunt too? Or are they opportunist and wait for an animal to die before they swoop in and eat it That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this article Sound interesting? Great! Let’s get started Do Vultures Hunt?  Vultures are meat-lover birds, but the … Read more Do Vultures Hunt?

Do Birds Feel Pain?

Whenever birds spend their day flying and hunting for food, it is inevitable for them not to be in danger sometimes. The presence of predators and the risk of injuring themselves in their journey do exist. But when a bird has been injured or has contracted an illness, do they also feel pain like we … Read more Do Birds Feel Pain?

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