Do Crows Eat Ants?

We already know that crows have a wide range of food options, such as fruits, berries, and even other live birds. However, their diet also has a component where they eat insects. Correct! Insects! In fact, even other birds also eat insects on a regular basis like ants. But do crows also eat ants? Do … Read more Do Crows Eat Ants?

Do Crows Eat Acorns?

Crows are not picky eaters and are natural scavengers. They can eat almost anything edible without any problems. Their diet is usually composed of fruits, berries, vegetables, human food, meat, and nuts. With that said, acorns are one of the most common nuts available. But do crows eat acorns? Acorns are one of the all-time … Read more Do Crows Eat Acorns?

Do Crows Eat Budgies?

Budgerigars or also known as budgies are among the top common pets of many bird lovers. This is because they are beginner-friendly, easy to take care of, and are friendly birds. They are also perfect to have because they are naturally smaller in size. Though they are commonly kept in cages and in homes, do … Read more Do Crows Eat Budgies?

Can Crows Speak English?

One of the ways to determine the intelligence of an animal is its cognitive ability. Naturally, when we refer to cognitive ability, language plays an important factor. Crows are known for their superb intelligence and many studies have already proven how these birds are intellectually ahead of many animals. But are crows intelligent enough to … Read more Can Crows Speak English?

Do Crows Protect Humans?

Crows can easily make it into the list of most intelligent animals in the world. These birds can perfectly utilize their amazing intelligence in order to thrive outside. They may even be friends with other animals and even humans as well.  But have you ever wondered if these birds are intelligent enough to protect us?  … Read more Do Crows Protect Humans?

Where Do Crows Roost? 

Flying all day would naturally be exhausting for birds, especially when they are hunting for food almost all day. So, it is natural for birds to take shelter in highly secured areas and rest properly. All bird species, including crows, have their own preferred places to roost. Have you ever wondered where crows rest during … Read more Where Do Crows Roost? 

Do Crows Eat Starlings?

It is a common knowledge for everyone that all animals have their own prey and predators. In most cases for animals, in order to survive, it is always to kill or be killed. This is especially the case for omnivorous birds, like crows. Since these black birds are known for being scavengers, they might also … Read more Do Crows Eat Starlings?

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