Are Penguins Dangerous?

Penguins appear endearing creatures because of their small stature and distinct gait. However, they are still wild animals that pose a risk of attacks and infections. Penguins rarely perceive humans as a threat.  Which means Though penguins are potentially dangerous, they normally don’t attack humans. Perhaps, this statement gave you some hopes for your ultimate … Read more Are Penguins Dangerous?

Are Penguins Friendly To Humans?

Most penguins reside in freezing regions of the Southern Hemisphere. That means they are unlikely to encounter large mammals including humans. So, wild penguins are either extremely curious or utterly indifferent to human presence. That said, Penguins raised in captivity are somewhat friendly to humans.  Regardless, a large population of humans finds penguins endearing.   But … Read more Are Penguins Friendly To Humans?

Can Penguins Fly?

Though penguins have strong pectoral muscles to produce vigorous flapping. However, they are quite heavy birds with short non-bendable but sturdy wings. Which means, they cannot lift themselves up in the air and fly. That said, Penguins have adapted to swim underwater just as most birds fly in the air. Still though, penguins don’t strike … Read more Can Penguins Fly?

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