Can You Ride An Ostrich?

While one cannot legally ride wild ostriches, however, certain ostrich farms allow limited but rather secure ostrich riding. Which means you can visit such places for ostrich riding. But,  Whether you should or shouldn’t ride an ostrich is entirely an ethical debate.  Before addressing these concerns, let’s talk about how a person even rides an … Read more Can You Ride An Ostrich?

Emu vs Ostrich

Though both emus and ostriches are huge flightless birds, however, ostriches hold the title of largest as well as the fastest birds alive. In contrast, emus are considered the third largest but the highest jumping birds.  Unsurprisingly, people assume that all flightless birds are related somehow. So, you may be wondering: Are Emu And Ostrich … Read more Emu vs Ostrich

Can Birds Swim?

Birds are known primarily for their ability to fly. And yet, flying does not characterize any animal as a bird. That said, certain birds have adapted to an aquatic lifestyle rather than an aerial one. Which means Aquatic birds like ducks and penguins can swim in the water.   Still, the idea of identifying a bird … Read more Can Birds Swim?

Are Ostriches Dangerous?

Ostriches are crowned as the largest as well as the fastest running birds on the planet. While they are unable to fly. However, they have strong muscular legs with their feet developed into a hoof-like shape. Additionally, they have a 10-cm long talon on their inner toes.  Which means Ostriches can deliver solid kicks packing … Read more Are Ostriches Dangerous?