Can an Ostrich Kill a Lion?

Owing to their strong muscular legs, ostriches can exceed 96km/hour. Therefore, they are crowned as the fastest two-legged animals. Speeds aside, their legs can deliver solid kicks, typically packing more than 400Psi per strike. Though such a blow can indeed be fatal to a lion, However,   Currently, there are no authentic cases reported with an … Read more Can an Ostrich Kill a Lion?

Is Catnip Safe For Birds?

Currently, there is no conclusive study claiming catnip being toxic to birds. But, owing to its recreational effects, avian experts have mixed feelings about giving catnip to their birds. Though small amounts of catnip have been found safe for bird consumption.  However, I strongly advise you to avoid giving catnip to your bird. Why? You’re … Read more Is Catnip Safe For Birds?

Cassowary vs Ostrich

2 big birds ostrich and Cassowary Amazing birds too! Now if you are wondering – Cassowary vs Ostrich – who would win? In short the answer is.. While both cassowaries and ostriches are flightless birds with strong muscular legs.  However, an ostrich is faster, bulkier, and even taller than an average cassowary. And yet, cassowaries … Read more Cassowary vs Ostrich