Can Ants Kill Birds?

Ants are the epitome of the line ‘small but terrible’ since their bites are really painful despite their small appearance.

These ants are also quite common and may be overwhelming if they are simply left and neglected.

Is there a possibility that ants can kill your birds? 

Because of their small stature, ants are normally harmless to birds.

In fact, these small creatures often become prey to birds and are part of their normal diet.

It is quite ridiculous to think that ants can kill birds, isn’t it?

However, there is a small possibility of it happening, depending on the specie of ants that are attacking and their numbers.

If the ants involved are fire ants, especially those with deadly bites, ants can kill birds.

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Are Ants Good For Birds? 

Birds are one of the main predators of ants.

Wild birds, in particular, always have ants as part of their daily food.

There are even specific bird species that are known to predate ants regularly. 

But are these ants good for their health? The answer is yes.

Ants are not only able to fill the hungry stomach of birds, but also supply essential nutrients to their body.

Ants contain protein, zinc, iron, and potassium which are all important in keeping their body strong and healthy. 

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How Do I Get Rid Of Ants On My Bird?

Still, the idea of ants overwhelming your bird cage is not as ideal as you might think.

Although ants are harmless, they can make your precious pet bird uncomfortable in its own cage.

Hence, you always need to make sure that your bird cage is always clean to ensure your pet’s quality of life.

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To get rid of the ants, it is best to go on methods that are also safe for your pets.

You can try to sprinkle cayenne pepper around your bird cage to cut the trail that the ants are making.

Make sure you also keep the cages clean and disinfect them with vinegar solution while also spraying it across the cage.

If you want to be on the safer side, just try a soapy water solution. 

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Does Ant Killer Harm Birds?

There are a lot of various ant killers you can purchase in your local store that are all equally effective.

However, it is highly suggested not to resort to these ant killers if you are taking care of some birds in your house.

After all, ant killers are effective because they are made up of various chemicals and substances which are all toxic to your birds.

Although they are effective, they might also be harmful to your pets.

It would be a good idea to get safer and harmless ant-killing methods to ensure that your bird will not be in danger in any way. 

Do Ants Harm Baby Birds?

Most native ants are not in any way harmless to your birds, regardless if they are already adult or still fledgling birds.

They are only focused on getting into your bird cages and feeders to collect the resources available to them. (Related article – Ants in bird food (Here’s what to do))

However, other ant species like fire ants may be harmful.

These ants have strong ant bites and also release formic acids that are somehow deadly to baby birds.

It is also possible to develop infection and inhibit the baby bird’s growth because of these ants. 

Are Ants Safe For Parrots?

Like any other bird, parrots can also eat ants.

These tiny creatures are nothing but mere prey to parrots.

Ants are also harmless, yet nutritious for parrots.

So, if you see your parrot tasting them, you do not need to worry about it. 

Yet, parrots do not find the taste of ants enjoyable.

Although these birds can eat ants, they will choose not to eat them.

Taste is also important for birds; no matter how nutritious ants can be, if parrots do not like their taste, they will not eat them. 

Do Birds Let Ants Crawl On Them?

Birds are also intelligent enough to take advantage of ants.

Not only do ants serve as food for them, but they are also helpful in giving the birds a soothing feeling during certain times.

Birds let ants crawl on them, particularly in their wings whenever it is their molting season.

When ants crawl on birds, it is usually around the time that birds are having molted feathers.

Birds let ants crawl on them because the chemicals and substances released by ants help the birds neutralize the effect of molting.

Supposedly, ants also help birds by giving them some soothing feeling that aids in their feather replacement.

Wrapping Up

Most ants are harmless to birds, both adult and baby ones.

This is because they are mostly native ants that are solely focused on collecting food for their colony.

However, the matter becomes different when it is fire ants. 

Fire ants can harm birds, especially young ones.

This is why it is really important to keep your bird feeders and cages ant-free.

After all, wild birds may be fine with having ants near them, but domestic and pet birds might be uncomfortable having ants in their cages. 


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