Can Birds Sense Bad Energy?

Birds are one of the most popular pet companions ever since.

Birds make great friends and pets, reasons why a lot of people are drawn to taking care of them.

But do having these birds beside you also a way to counter bad energy?

Do birds have a special sense for that matter?

Question is – Can birds sense bad energy?

As far as science is concerned, birds do not have the ability to sense bad energy.

They do not have a sixth sense that solely works on sensing negative energy around them.

Although, with the way of nature and their life, these birds can sense predators and danger nearby.

There are also birds that can detect weather and changes in air pressure as well.

But birds cannot do the same with negativity and other psychic energy that exists. 

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Can Birds Sense Distress?

Birds have an amazing ability in sensing emotions.

In fact, some are extremely emphatic that they can sense when to comfort someone, regardless if it is a bird or a human.

Intelligent birds that have a lot of social interaction with humans can even see and observe emotions. 

With this in mind, birds can sense when someone is in distress, tense, or in a bad emotion.

Pet birds are also usually keen on their owner’s feelings as well.

This is primarily because of the deep bond and connection that have already been established between them. 

Can Birds Sense Human Emotion? 

Birds can sense human emotions.

We all know that birds possess high intelligence and they are intelligent enough to sense and understand a human’s current state of well-being.

They can do this by merely observing specific patterns in our behaviors and the way we communicate with them.

Pet birds that are with human owners for along time can very well understand human emotions.

This is also true for birds that have lived with humans and gained a lot of interactions from them.

At some point, they can understand how humans live, behave, and feel.

Can Birds Sense Good People?

Humans are potential predators of birds, so there is a reason why most of these birds are scared of people.

By observing how humans behave, they can tell if someone has bad or good intentions toward them. 

In fact, some research has actually studied whether birds can sense people’s intentions, and it turns out that some birds have the ability to do so.

Birds are brilliant and observant, especially those with lots of experience dealing with humans.

Other birds have also shown the capability to remember people who did good and bad things to them. 

Can Birds Sense Kindness? 

Birds can tell when you are helping them and not.

They are well-versed in sensing human emotions, so they are able to tell acts of kindness.

Birds are also observant and particularly good at familiarizing themselves with the meaning of human gazes and actions. 

They are also able to recognize and remember people who are helping them out.

These birds would not feel any threat towards people who give them food, shelter, help in something, and those that are looking out for them sincerely. 

What Does It Mean When a Bird Visits You?

A bird visiting you may have a reason or none at all.

It could be a mere coincidence that a bird landed on your windows or place and mean nothing.

However, most of the time it might be because something has attracted them to you – like food. 

If you are someone who always feeds birds, then it is possible that these small animals have established the idea that they can get food from visiting you.

Your place might also be a good place for shelter and to build a nest. 

Regardless, birds that visit you may mean that they trust you somehow.

After all, humans are dangerous to them.

They likely associate you as someone good and might also be because they are open to the possibility to establish a bond with you. 

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Wrapping Up 

Birds do not have any sixth sense that allows them to sense negativity or any other energy.

However, they are intelligent enough to observe and understand human emotions.

Birds that have a lot of social interactions with humans possess a lot of experience in terms of sensing a person’s emotions and intentions. 


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