Can Owls Walk?

Owls are rather bulky birds that rely heavily on their serrated feathers for their characteristic mute flight and silent assassinations. So it feels rather odd to even assume owls will be capable of walking, much peculiar to be hunting on foot. However, most owl species walk only when they must, typically when they are too … Read more Can Owls Walk?

Do Owls Eat Hawks?

With their uncanny fearlessness and nocturnal habits, owls are anything but predictable. They have gripping talons and flesh-tearing beaks. Owls can attack any animal at any given time.  That said, owls don’t always go through the trouble of hunting and eating a hawk.  Now, this answer may have left you with even more queries than … Read more Do Owls Eat Hawks?

Are Owls Raptors?

The term “Raptors” typically describes diurnal predatory birds that use their strong gripping feet to attack other animals. However, owls can see in the dark so they normally hunt during dark hours. Still, owls use their muscular feet with piercing talons for hunting. Which means, Owls are often considered the nocturnal substitutes for classical diurnal … Read more Are Owls Raptors?

Will Owls Attack Humans?

Like other birds, owls are extremely protective of their mates, young ones as well as their territories. But, unlike most animals, owls lack the general ability to feel fear. That means, they rarely get intimidated by the enormous size of their rivals. So the answer to the question – Will Owls Attack Humans? An owl … Read more Will Owls Attack Humans?

Do Eagles Eat Owls?

Being nocturnal predators, owls are often attributed as the freaks of the avian world. Consequently, no sane animal actively hunts for owls. That said, eagles are the daring royalties of the bird family that can eat from small rodents to dead sharks.  So the answer to the question – Do eagles eat owls is…  If given … Read more Do Eagles Eat Owls?

Are Owls Intelligent?

Owls are amazing birds  They are great at hunting and fly very silently, One question bird lovers ask is – Are owls intelligent? Though, owls have great sensory and hunting skills, they generally lack the capacity to think, learn, and improvise. Furthermore, they do not form complex social structures and rarely ever communicate. Owls are … Read more Are Owls Intelligent?

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