Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Birds?

Providing a way for birds to relax is also part of taking care of them as bird owners.

Some bird owners really go an extra mile just to give their pets top-notch care, and this includes having herbs for them.

But are herbs, particularly essential oils safe for birds to use?

One of the most popular essential oils to use is eucalyptus oil.

Its strong and peppermint-like scent provides great relief while also giving a sense of relaxation.

Now the question is – Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Birds?

Unfortunately, birds cannot enjoy the same benefits that we do from essential oils.

Eucalyptus oils and other variants are not safe for birds since they come up too strong for their sense of smell.

In fact, only a few essential oils are allowed for birds since other variations are lethal for them. 

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Is Eucalyptus Toxic For Birds? 

Eucalyptus branches are one of the trees that are readily available for birds.

These trees, in fact, are called chew branches.

They are usually chewed and perched on by birds and nothing dangerous seems to come out of this routine.

However, it is best to remove the leaves and seeds of these trees since they might be poisonous.

Eucalyptus branches in their raw form are safe for birds as they have lived with these trees happily in their life. 

Is Eucalyptus Oil Toxic To Budgies?

Eucalyptus branches also have their oils with them.

Since birds, including budgies, are used to chewing and perching on these branches.

It is quite reasonable to assume that they have already encountered these oils a lot of times. 

Oils in their raw form that are straight out of the eucalyptus trees are not harmless.

In fact, it gives several benefits to the birds.

Budgerigars and other birds enjoy the medicinal properties that eucalyptus oils give, such as a stronger immune system and natural resistance against diseases.

However, if you are concerned with the eucalyptus essential oil, then it’s a different story.

Essential oils are already manipulated and mixed with heavily concentrated chemicals.

For this reason, this becomes toxic and lethal to birds which is why they should not be near them!

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You want to use essential oils in the house but don’t know which are safe to use around your birds

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What Essential Oils Are Bird Safe? 

Since essential oils are usually mixed with other chemicals, there are dangers present in their uses.

Although they are normally used to improve well-being and relaxation, birds are not entirely safe from them.

Some essential oils, even when diffused, are toxic to their health.

If you want to treat your bird with some essential oils, it would be a good idea to do thorough research on what is safe for them and not.

Some essential oils you can use are those that have floral and citrus scents. 

This is because floral and citrus oils have mild scents, while also giving some benefits to your pet birds.

Lavender oils, geranium, rose, and jasmine are some of the best floral essential oils you can use.

You can also have citrus essential oils like orange, lemon, and lime. 

What Scents Are Toxic To Birds? 

Be careful not to use any of the following essential oils for your birds.

Oils like peppermint, tea tree, and citronella have really strong scents that make them dangerous for birds.

This is also true for tree oils like eucalyptus, or hot oils like cinnamon and oregano essential oils. 

Of course, dangerous scents are not only limited to essential oils.

Things that emit potent fragrances like perfume, aerosols, hairsprays, scented candles, and paint are all toxic for your bird.

This is not because of the strong smell, but the toxins present in the air quality.

Remember that birds have different respiratory systems than humans.

It will only take a few minutes of exposure to these dangerous scents and chemicals to suffocate and die.

Can You Have Essential Oils Around Birds?

Essential oils are really a hot trend nowadays and people have been using them to treat stress, and anxiety, and improve their well-being.

It would make sense if some bird and pet owners use essential oils for the same purpose for their pets.

Unfortunately, not all essential oils are safe around birds.

At best, you can only use floral and citrus essential oils if you really want them.

This is because they are milder than other scents and are safer to use.

Also, diffuse these oils in a cold diffuser with only two to three drops per hour. 

Other than that, using other essential oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus, and oregano will be dangerous. 

How Can I Make My Bird Room Smell Better?

Taking care of birds may sometimes cause the room to have odors.

Purifying and making the room smell better is tricky since you cannot use ordinary fresheners inside.

After all, birds have sensitive respiratory systems. 

If you want to improve the smell of your bird’s room, you can still make use of essential oils.

However, just be careful to only use the scents that are okay and safe to use around birds.

You can also purchase air fresheners that have mild scents and are made from natural ingredients. 

You can also try to use homemade solutions like baking soda and diluting apple cider vinegar.

These methods help in neutralizing the odor that is circulating around the room.

Keeping the air quality around your bird’s room is also important to make sure that your precious pet birds are thriving well.

Wrapping Up 

Essential oils are popular nowadays and some bird owners thought that they will also be great for their birds.

Unfortunately, not all essential oils are safe for them.

Eucalyptus oils, cinnamon, oregano, and other tree oils are not okay for your birds since they contain toxins. 

You can not also carelessly let your birds inhale strong scents, like perfume, aerosols, hairsprays, and others.

They contain toxins that will suffocate your birds and have health troubles. 

The best essential oils you can have are those with floral and citrus scents.

Remember that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and that you should be careful in keeping the air quality around them good.


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