How To Befriend a Crow?

While pet birds shower their human keepers with both attention and affection, these normally don’t fulfill a very human need of having brain-stimulating interactions. Still, certain birds have shown intelligence beyond human comprehension. Now, it would have been easier if you could just telephone a crow and invite it over for a cup of tea. … Read more How To Befriend a Crow?

Do Owls Eat Hawks?

With their uncanny fearlessness and nocturnal habits, owls are anything but predictable. They have gripping talons and flesh-tearing beaks. Owls can attack any animal at any given time.  That said, owls don’t always go through the trouble of hunting and eating a hawk.  Now, this answer may have left you with even more queries than … Read more Do Owls Eat Hawks?

Jersey Giant vs Brahma 

Both Jersey Giants and Brahma are large-sized chicken breeds that were created through crossbreeding to yield more meat per chicken. Since these are ideal for back-yard poultry, therefore, they are often compared for their relative traits.  That said, both these chickens take several months to fully mature, making them unsuitable for commercial purposes.  Which is … Read more Jersey Giant vs Brahma 

Can Chickens Eat Chives?

Chickens are highly intelligent creatures who love nothing better than free-range in the backyard. While it is true that free-ranging is great for your flock of chickens, it is still vital that you pay heed to your chicken’s diet.  Just like other animals or humans, the more wholesome your chicken eats, the longer and healthier … Read more Can Chickens Eat Chives?

Are Penguins Dangerous?

Penguins appear endearing creatures because of their small stature and distinct gait. However, they are still wild animals that pose a risk of attacks and infections. Penguins rarely perceive humans as a threat.  Which means Though penguins are potentially dangerous, they normally don’t attack humans. Perhaps, this statement gave you some hopes for your ultimate … Read more Are Penguins Dangerous?