Budgie Sprained Leg

In this article we are going to talk about a budgie sprained leg It’s possible for a budgie to sprain their leg Or even break (of course we don’t want happening and pray it doesn’t) But it can be common How? It’s because budgies have tiny hollow bones And this can be prone to sprains … Read more Budgie Sprained Leg

Rainbow Budgie 

For bird lovers all around the globe, a rainbow budgie is considered a prize. Budgies make fabulous pets; for many bird keepers, these marvelous creatures are a joy to keep, watch and observe. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about the rainbow budgie, their care needs, their diet, and the … Read more Rainbow Budgie 

English Budgie

Budgerigars aka “Budgies” or “Common Parakeets” are native Australian parrots that represent the most popular companion birds, currently accounting for about 45 million pets.  But decades of aviculture and selective breeding have culminated in numerous budgie sub-species which vary in size, colours, patterns, personalities, and even breeding capacities.  However, most ornithologists categorize budgies into only … Read more English Budgie

Do Budgies Pee

Have you ever seen a budgie pee? We see there poop all the time because, I mean they do poop a lot! Not just a lot But they pretty much poop anywhere and everywhere! (Warning for new budgie parents!) Don’t let that put you off from adopting a budgie, Their cuteness will overpower the chore … Read more Do Budgies Pee

Pineapple Conure

Pineapple conures are a coloured variation of green-cheek conures. But the term ‘conure’ is rather loose as it refers to a highly diverse group of medium-sized parrots which are native to the western hemisphere i.e. Central and South America. Most conures have green plumage with varied coloured patches. But not all conures are ‘green’ and … Read more Pineapple Conure

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