Do Crows Hold Court? 

It is a famous advice that you should not let yourself be in the bad books of crows 

This is because these corvid birds are so intelligent that they can remember the faces of those who harmed them.

Whether it is a human, an animal, or another crow, it does not matter to them.

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But do you know that these crows are interesting enough to hold their own justice court?

Well, if you have witness a murder of crows trying to kill or punish another crow, that is just their way of punishing their member according to their jury! 

As amazing and unbelievable it is, crows do hold court.

These birds, apparently, treat bad crows extremely differently and unfairly compared to their friends.

Experts say that crow courts are often held to specifically kill other crows who committed a harsh, harmful, or unacceptable behavior in the flock.

So, how do they exactly hold their court?

They will gather together in a circle, killing the sinned bird together.

Have a look at the video in the article further down. It’s pretty awesome!

Do Crows Punish a Crow For Doing Something Bad? 

It is known that these large birds are capable of remembering people’s faces.

They are that crazily smart to even hold grudges and punish the person who harmed them in the past for a long period of time.

Surprisingly, they also do severe punishments to the other crows who wronged them. 

Crows hold what people claim is the “crow court” which is somehow similar to the typical justice system we have.

However, the court only has two possible endings: kill the “defendant” bird or dismiss it.

Amazing, right? 

Honestly, crows surprise me! They are indeed very intelligent!

In general, crows gather together and form a circle to judge the crow in question and come up with a decision.

The group of crows may just disperse and let the bad crow live or they will try to kill the bird by hitting the head and the body continuously. 

Do Crows Investigate Deaths? 

Crows do not take deaths lightly.

If ever you encounter a dead crow, make sure to leave the area as soon as possible and avoid seeing any crows.


Because sooner or later, the dead crow will be spotted by another crow and immediately call the entire group for investigation. 

These crows will slowly gather in the area and try to investigate the cause of death of their species.

While this situation may seem like a whole murder of crows mourning the death of their companion, that is not really the case. 

They are gathering together, trying to uncover the death of their family member.

This will help them discover and become aware if there are any threats in the area that could harm them.

In this way, the rest of the flock will remain alert and safe from the potential dangers lurking in their place. 

If you are wondering why you should try to avoid a place with a dead crow, it is because the whole murder might think you are responsible for it.

As you know, crows are capable of remembering faces of those who harmed them and hold grudges against these people.

Why Do Crows Argue? 

These black birds do not hold that perfect relationship to the rest of the family.

They may still argue and fight one another for valid reasons.

These birds are extremely territorial and are always ready to fight off birds, even their own kind when necessary.

So, in other words, crows argue mainly because of territorial issues.

However, they may also fight because of mates and food.

In most cases, these birds fend off other birds who are trying to steal their desired mate.

Likewise, they may also try to kill one another just to secure food in the area. 

Can Crows Forgive? 

You might have probably heard somewhere that crows bring bad omen. (Although this is not true and something I don’t believe in)

This is probably because these people have already experienced being attacked by crows or any misfortunes brought directly by these birds. 

However, this actually stems from the fact that crows are capable of holding grudges.

They can remember people who posed danger to them and caused them troubles.

In fact, their grudges can last up to years! 

So, can crows forgive you in their lifetime?

The answer is: it depends.

It is likely that these birds will forgive you after some years.

Research says that their grudges are typically shared within their flock and can last up to two years. 

But that only happens if the crime you committed is somehow light and forgivable.

Their grudges, however, would last forever if what you did was really serious.

For instance, there is a chance they will never forgive you if you attempt to capture them.

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Wrapping Up

Crows are intelligent enough to hold their own courts and punish other members.

In most cases, crows kill their own as a form of punishment by pecking and hitting their head continuously and brutally as a group.

If ever a crow died for an unknown reason, they will also hold an investigation to discover the cause of its death and avoid the threat at all cost.

Crows are seriously amazing birds because they get to create their own justice system to keep the flock thriving. 

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