How To Stop Crows Pecking At Windows?

Crows pecking at your windows can be annoying.

Thankfully, there are ways to stop crows from doing this.

Crows peck at windows because they see their own reflection and consider it a threat.

So the question is – How to stop crows pecking at windows? 

So the easiest thing to do to discourage this behavior is to remove or reduce the reflection somehow.

You can do this by using a window film or installing a window screen.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this article

  • Why crows are pecking at your windows (Answered in detail)
  • How do you stop birds pecking at your windows (Save those expensive windows!)
  • How to keep crows away

So if you’re tired of crows and birds in general pecking at your windows and want it to stop then you’re going to love this article

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Why Do Crows Tap On Windows (Answered In Detail) 

Territorial birds like crows will often peck and attack windows.

This may seem like strange behavior but the reason for this is quite simple.

Crows look at the reflection in the window and they think it’s another bird entering their breeding ground.

To rid of the competition, you will see a crow knocking on the window

This rings true for other reflective surfaces as well such as a shiny outdoor table or a mirror.

In addition to the pecking, you may notice that the crow is striking up aggressive poses and flapping its wings to deter the competition and drive it away.

Although pecking at the window itself won’t generally harm the bird, it could cause injuries to the bird and scratches to your window.

And I’m sure you don’t want scratches on your windows because replacing windows is not cheap!

So how do you stop this?

Let’s find out

How To Keep Birds From Pecking On Windows?

A bird pecking at your window is not ideal as it may not only hurt the bird but it will also damage your window.

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Thankfully, there are ways to stop birds from attacking your window and hurting themselves.

It may not stop these attacks fully, but it will at least help to reduce this behavior. 

The most obvious thing to do to stop birds from pecking your window is to remove reflections.

You can get quite creative with this method.

Use newspaper to stop birds from seeing their own reflections in the window.

If you don’t want to remove all light from streaming into your house, you can try using a stained glass or window film to reduce some of the reflection.

This method won’t get rid of the reflection completely, but it will definitely help.

Or another option is to install a window screen on the outside of your window.

This is a great idea to even deter bugs and mosquitoes from wandering into your house in the summer.

If you’re not keen on the idea of covering your windows in some way, you can instead try deterring birds from landing on your window sill to peck.

On the outside of a window, there is usually a branch or a railing that can be used for birds to sit in order to attack its reflection.

Remove the bird’s landing platform and birds will no longer be able to land near your window to peck at it.

If you aren’t able to remove the landing platform, a great option is to cover it by putting plants there.

The plants block the birds from comfortably landing before attacking. 

How Do You Keep Crows Away From Windows?

Crows are smart and resilient birds that will learn from their mistakes.

If you have many crows in your area that you are hoping to keep away from your home, you’ve got a bit of a task on your hands!

But fear not as there are tons of ways to keep these birds away.

Crows will convene in areas where they have good access to food.

So if you have many crows constantly around your home, this means they are finding food somewhere for their families.

To drive crows away from your home, the most important step is to rid of all possible food sources.

Crows are opportunist scavengers, meaning they’ll eat whatever when possible.

Keep your compost and trash covered so that crows can’t access the food.

You should also try to feed your pets indoors as pet food and kibble are quite attractive food options for crows as well.

Remove any water sources for the birds too.

Once you have rid your garden of all possible food sources, an extra step you can take is to remove landing platforms.

This includes window sills, rooftops, and fences. If you can stop the crows from landing near and around your home, they will look for other places to roost.

You can discourage landing in these areas by installing bird spikes.

By installing these spikes, crows won’t be able to land so they’ll keep away from your home.

Other ways to get rid of crows include: hanging shiny things throughout your yard, using motion-sensor sprinklers, or installing bird netting.

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Why Does a Bird Keep Pecking At My Window? 

Crows are not the only birds to peck at your window

Bird in general peck at windows

To be honest, it is not fully understood why they do this

But we do know, this happens most during breeding season which is linked to territorial behavior

Which birds do this the most?

Robins tend to tap on windows the most and exhibit this behavior

One theory is, a bird see it’s own reflection in a window and thinks it’s a rival so will start to peck at the window

Another reason why a bird would keep pecking at your window is to get at the insects or spiders in the window frame

Final Words 

Crows are very intelligent birds, but like most other birds, they won’t react kindly to their own reflection.

Often, they will see their reflection in the window or mirror and assume it’s another crow, meaning competition.

This is why it is common to see crows pecking at windows.

Although the reason might be funny, crows pecking at windows can hurt the bird and damage your window.

But the good news is, there are many creative ways to get crows to stop pecking at your window and instead pay attention to something else!


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