How to Stop Crows Waking Me Up?

Different species of crows are found almost all around the world.

The population of crows seems increasing rapidly during the past few years.

They are drawn to urban areas for several reasons, including food and shelter, which have caused many problems for the people.

Some people have associated superstitions of happiness and sadness, luck and misfortune with crows.

While some folks simply hate them for being noisy 

Especially in the morning

So in this article we’re going to solve the problem – How to Stop Crows Waking Me Up?

Why Do Crows Keep Cawing In The Morning?

These blackbirds are common residents of cities and towns.

Many myths and superstitions are associated with crows roosting in the treetops in the morning.

Usually, all birds wake up 1 hour before dawn and sing their own songs, and so do crows.

But crows are the worst songbirds; rather, they are terribly loud compared to other birds.

That’s why their sociability is hard on humans, especially those who want to sleep a little more during the weekends.

Even its roosting for specific numbers indicate different meanings.

For example, when it crows three times Continuously, it is believed that someone close to you will die.

Among Asians, the cawing of the crow is known as an indicator that some guests may be expected today.

It is believed that a crow may roost at the top of its lungs is not merely a loud caw; it has some hidden meanings and could be an important message from the universe to you.

Some people consider the crow’s cawing a good omen, and many consider it a bad omen.

However, there is no scientific proof that these beliefs are true so I personally don’t believe in these omen 

Here are some reasons why crows caw in the morning

  1. They caw in the morning, Seemingly to boost you up early in the morning and get ready early to fulfill your commitments for the day…well! No less than a terrible alarm on weekends.
  2. They caw to get your attention because it’s time for their breakfast, too, and they might be hungry and want food 

No matter what, they are not much appreciated for their loud and non-stop crowing in the morning.

I go into more detail in my article – Crows circling and cawing 

Now that we know the possible reasons why crows make noise in the morning

Let’s talk about how you can get rid of crows in the morning so you can get some sleep (Especially if you’ve had a late night!)

How Do You Get Rid Of Crows In The Morning?

Just imagine, after a long week of hard work, cares & gloom, you are determined to sleep longer this weekend, but crows don’t understand that.

It starts with its loud out of tune songs as usual, which could be nothing but jarring and harsh on your sleepy ears.

Despite all the exciting superstitions associated with crows, it is merely a nuisance to hear them cawing and tearing your hearing even through your double-pane window.

If crows are intelligent and resilient creatures, don’t worry, we are no less.  

We’ll discuss some proven unique ideas of fooling these pesky feathered fiends and getting rid of crows going crazy in the morning.

Keep the garden clean

Make sure that your lawn has no spillage of seed from the bird feeders or remains of the fallen fruits from the trees.

  1. Lid up your bins — Open garbage bins are a great attraction for crows, where they meet and greet to have a treat. So make sure containers are closed, and there’s no spillage inviting hungry crows every morning.
  2. Decoy crow predator — Hanging a stuffed faux crow upside down at night in your garden could be a fantastic and nutty idea that worked for many but keep changing its place.
  3. Smart devices Ultrasonic bird repellent devices that cover up to 6000 to 7000 square feet are available in the market. These smart devices start highly intense strobe lights and sound to scare away the crows.
  4. Bird spikes — You can install bird spikes to eradicate the area where crows can set their feet, and they will not dare to land.
  5. Play distressful crow sounds — try playing the sound of a distressful crow loudly. It will confuse them, and they will fly away.
  6. Motion sensors sprinklers — These are motion sensitive and can cover up to 70 feet of your garden.
  7. Small bird feeders — Use a bird feeder that doesn’t serve larger birds like crows or squirrels and has an automated open-shut system through weight management.
  8. Sunlight reflection — Hang something shiny that reflects the sunlight, such as small mirrors, on different spots in the yard.
  9. Cleanliness — keep your yard clean because crows are more attracted to remaining of food and filthy places.

Give these a shot, and I’m sure you will thank me later.

We are curious to know how you get crows to leave you alone and what worked best for you?

Let me know in the comments below!

What Sound Will Scare Crows Away?

What else could be more annoying than a full invasion of crows when they go crazy for some reason.

It is almost impossible to scare them away forever as they keep coming back for more!

It’s obviously unbearable sometimes.

If you’re at home and want to enjoy your weekend peacefully, you will have to keep crows away. You can try out what I’ve mentioned above or you could scare them away with sound

Try playing a distressful sound of a bird/crow on your sound system aloud, where crows are more likely to sit in your garden for a few minutes.

It will confuse them, and they will fly away.

You can try this daily for a few days and see if this stops them gathering around your house or in your backyard 

Hopefully they should leave and not come back but do remember this requires patience and consistency! 

If you don’t want to use sound and maybe deter them with a foul smell, you may be wondering what smell they hate

Let’s find out

What Smells Do Crows Hate?

Crows have a sense of smell, as it’s obvious through their anatomy and have a sensitive respiratory system similar to other birds but cannot smell as much as others would. (Check out my article – Can crows smell food?)

But Pungent smells such as clove oil, Peppermint oil, Cedar, Garlic, and Lemon oil can stop them from chilling around your house or garden 

These oils are essential to repellent compositions because of their pungent odor, numbing, and burning properties.

Commercially sold deterrents are worth a shot because they smell pretty terrible, and they will work on more than merely birds.

They can bring peace to your life if you’re looking for a ready-to-use perfect option.

It should work in the very first attempt.

Wrapping Up

Crows are naturally loud birds that love to caw (for various reasons), and they would destroy crops, fruits, flowers, just anything whatever they get their hands on especially if it’s for food! 


You got it right — They would disturb your peace of mind and restful sleep too.

They don’t care! 

If you want to get rid crows in the morning then I’m sure some of these ideas would help you get rid of these crows, hopefully once and for all 



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