Why Do Pigeons Fly Into Windows?

In this article we’re going to talk about why pigeons fly into windows

The reason why pigeons fly into windows is because they see a reflection of a tree or the sky and because of this they think they are flying into the sky or a place to land like a tree

Sadly, it’s just a reflection and because of this, it can cause death or serious injuries

Why Do Pigeons Keep Flying Into My Windows?

Why Do Pigeons Fly Into Windows?

Unfortunately because your window shows a reflection of the sky or trees, or because they may see another window or mirror in the room, this leads to them thinking it’s a way through

So they go straight into it without realizing it’s an actual window

This can cause serious injuries

It can cause internal injuries or a concussion

Due to this there has been many injuries and deaths

And just so you know,

Double glazed windows pose a much more greater risk than a single glazed


Because double glazed windows are much more clearer

It’s a sad reality

And I know what you’re thinking

How can you stop this from happening?

Is there anything you could do?

The good news is yes you can!

Let’s find out

How Do You Stop Birds From Flying Into Windows?

There’s different ways you can help a bird from flying into windows

Let’s look at the different things you can do to ensure this happens less


One of the best ways to help a pigeon or any bird that a window is an obstacle is by making it more clear that it is

How do you do this?

You can add a color tape to the window or window decals to show the bird that your window is an obstacle

This will hopefully stop birds from flying into windows

Soap Or Paint 

You can add soap to the window to let birds know the window is an obstacle

Or you could a certain type of paint to the outside of the window

Something like tempera pain which will help create a film that is visible to birds and at the same time not having a negative impact on the window itself

Bird Tape 

You see one of the main reasons a bird flies into a window is because of the reflection

They see their reflection and think it’s another bird

Or they may see a reflection of a tree and want to go on it which results in them hitting the window

So another way you can prevent this is by adding bird tape

Or any color tape

Angled Blinds

These are a great option if you want to reduce the risk of birds flying into your window

Actually, it’s one of the best ways to achieve this too

Here’s the best part

You can decorate your windows in a way that you’ll still be able to see your lovely garden

Something to think about! Especially if you don’t want to see an unfortunate pigeon fly into your window

Relocate Pigeon Feeders

If you have bird feeders in your garden or front garden, it would be a good idea if you keep it close to the window


Because by moving it close to the window something like 3 feet or so, there is insufficient distance for a collision to be fatal because they won’t be able to pick up enough speed in such a short space

Install a Light Net 

You can put a net that is fitted on your window

It is set a few inches away

Now if a pigeon accidentally flies into the window, the net is there as a safety barrier and will pretty much bounce the pigeon away

Happy days!

Mosquito Screens 

Mosquito screens aren’t just useful to keep out insects

But it’s also a great way to stop pigeons flying into your windows

There are all sorts of different mosquito screens you can get

You can get something like from Amazon

Fenestrelle Expandable Window Screen – Horizontal (20″ H x 28″ – 54″ W)

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking here

What I love about this is you hit “two birds with one stone” (no pun intended!)

You get to keep out insects and also help stop pigeons flying into your window

Win win situation!

Do Birds Recover From Flying Into Windows?

This depends on how hard the impact was when they hit the window unfortunately

If it’s just a small bump then they should be okay

Maybe they could suffer a concussion

But if the impact is hard then this can lead to serious injury which can result in death

That’s why it is very important to help stop this accidents happening

And if you are reading this blog then I’m sure you’re looking for ways to stop birds flying into your window

How To Help a Bird That Has Flown Into a Window

  • Gently cover the bird and wrap the bird in a towel and put the bird either in a cardboard box or a paper bag
  • Make sure to keep the bird in a warm, quiet place. Keep it out of any activity where it’s noisy
  • Check up on the bird every 30 minutes but don’t try to touch the bird
  • If you think the bird has recovered, take the container outside and open it. Step back and see if the bird flies away. If there is no movement and the bird is not flying, take it back inside
  • If there is no sign of recovery after a few hours and it’s still breathing, call a wildlife rehabilitator

Wrapping Up

Pigeons fly into windows because they see a reflection of a tree or maybe another bird

Thinking it’s on the other side, they fly straight into the window

This can cause injury and even death too!

You can stop this from happening by making your window an obstruction by adding paint or a mosquito net

If a bird has flown into your window, you can help it too.

Please refer to the article to find out how you can be of help



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