Do Rats Stop Chickens Laying?

No matter where you go, especially if you have chickens and other animals to take care of, there will be pests.

One of the most common pests we have is rats.

Now if you have chickens, they leave mess without a doubt

Droppings, hay, food droppings

It does create a mess!

With mess and food droppings there’s a chance you’ll attract rats and mice

What people question is – Do rats affect chickens? Are there any risks if there are rats in the coop? and Do rats stop chickens laying?

Chickens will definitely have trouble if the environment they are in is not conducive for production – for example, having rats inside.

Having rats in their coop or anywhere where they are staying will stress them and affect their egg laying.

Chickens will not lay their eggs if there are rats nearby, given how these pests will steal and eat their eggs.

Rats, after all, are still considered as predators for chickens and for their eggs too.

This article will let you know about how rats affect chickens.

Let’s get into more detail

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Do Rats Affect Chickens? 

Rats do have a bad effect on chickens.

Once coop has been infested with rats, chickens will feel extremely disturbed and stressed.

These emotional impacts would cause a detrimental effect on their health as well. 

Eventually, the presence of rats will cause your chickens to stop laying eggs.

Hence, you will definitely see a scarcity of eggs in your coop since your chickens will not be in perfect condition to produce and lay them. 

Do Rats Stress Chickens?

Rats are still considered to be predators, especially to chicks and eggs.

Their presence will definitely be enough to stress your chickens out.

They are actually a big problem both to your chicken’s health and to their production. 

Chickens do not appreciate it if there are rats inside their coop and they will eventually feel unsettled and frustrated about them.

The reasons why rats are invading and infesting a chicken coop is mainly because of the abundance of food in the place. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats Around My Chickens? 

If you see there are rats inside your coop, it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Rats are huge problems since they are stressing your chickens and exposing them to various possible diseases. 

If you want to get rid of these pests, you have a lot of options to choose from.

First, you can make use of various rat traps that will catch these rats and kill them.

You can use snap traps, electric traps, and bait boxes where you will have to use bait to lure them out. 

One of the most effective ways of dealing with rats is by using rat poison.

Although effective, make sure that poison is placed where your chickens and no other animals can access it.

You can also consider getting a cat or dog to also keep them away. 

Will Keeping Chickens Attract Rats?

Chickens do not attract rats and this is also true the other way around: rats are not attracted to chickens.

The reason behind your rat infestation is because of the abundance of food available for rats to eat: the eggs, chicks, and even the feed. 

What’s The Best Rat Deterrent? 

Rat infestation may be quite difficult to deal with, so making your chicken coop a rat-proof and deterring them in the first place is the key.

Some farms and other chicken coop owners have cats or dogs with them that are trained not to attack chickens, but the pests. 

These pet companions make great rat deterrents as they are considered to be predators of them, especially cats.

You can also make sure that the feed is inaccessible to rats and always try to maintain the chicken coop clean.

Peppermint oils and strong scented rat repellents that are available in the market are quite effective deterrents as well.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats Outside?

Getting rid of rats outside may be trickier since there are a lot of possible hiding places that you need to identify

Exterminating rats will only be successful if you are able to control their population, remove their homes, and eliminate all possible things that may attract them simultaneously. 

Make use of rat baits, poisons, and baiting to lure them out and kill them.

This will help you decrease their population and control them eventually.

Make sure you also consider eliminating their nesting spots, like rat burrows, to exterminate them. 

If it is really difficult, consider asking for professional help from a rat control expert to solve your problem.

Keep your house clean and get rid of possible garbage, junk, and anything that will attract rats to avoid infestation.

Wrapping Up

Chickens do not attract rats, but the feeds, droppings, and their eggs are the ones that draw their attention.

Having rats in your chicken coop requires immediate extermination since these pests will affect your chickens.

Rats contain a lot of disease and bacteria that can cause chickens’ health to fail.

They will also stress them out and eventually reduce the egg production due to their bad effects on your chickens. 

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