Do Crows Attack Humans

In this article you’re going to discover if crows attack humans

Should you be worried when you’re walking past crows

Will they attack you?

Are they dangerous to us humans?

What you should do to minimize an attack from a crown

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Do Crows Attack People? Will They?

Of course they would

I mean they would attack anything that would seem a threat to them

If a crow would not be scared to attack an eagle

Then they would have no fear to attack a human

The good news is

They won’t just attack you for no reason

I’ve walked past many crows and I’ve been safe

So you may be wondering

Why Do Crows Attack Humans?

The only reason a crow would attack you is if they feel that you are a threat

Or you’re getting too close to their fledgling

So make sure you are nowhere near their babies

Otherwise be prepared to be attacked!

How Do Crows Attack Humans?

They would attack humans just as how they would attack any bird

Dive bomb!

Not just one crow

But the whole crew would come and join in

And they won’t stop attacking you till you’re gone and moved a safe distance from their nest

Here’s a video of crows attacking a hawk

Well, when I say attacking I mean they dive bomb

It’s not an experience you want to try!

How Do You Get a Crow To Stop Attacking You?

It’s simple

You just stay away from their fledglings

If you do so happen to come by it and they start attacking you

Move away as soon as possible

Crows will only attack you when they see you as a threat

The moment you’re not a threat anymore they should stop attacking you

Let’s look at how you can prevent yourself becoming a victim of a crow attack


Yep, carry an umbrella with you

This is one of the best ways of warding a crow attack

Problem is, nesting season is during the summer months

So it may be a bit unusual to carry an umbrella

But hey, some people use umbrella as a shade from the sun too so you why not use it during summer

Don’t Hit Back 

Don’t hit them back

They’re just protecting their babies

I mean if you hit them back, they’ll come back for you again

And you do know that crows are like gangs

So they will deffo talk about you to other crows

You know what else?

They can remember your face for up to 3 years

So for your own safety don’t try and fight back!

Which leads me to my next point


Just run!

Run as far as you can away from them

The moment you see crows divebombing at you

Run away and run fast

They won’t follow because you’re not a threat

Take Alternative Routes 

If you see crows and their nest

Then just go a different route

Remember, you’re a threat to them as soon as you go near their nest

Cross the street or don’t go near their nests

Don’t Go Near Their Babies 

If you see a cute baby crow and you’re just tempted to go near it


Admire from far

That would be safe for you!

Can a Crow Kill a Human?

They won’t kill a human and I don’t believe they can kill a human

Crows will only attack you if you’re deemed a threat to them

And even if they attack you

They would just divebomb you to get you to go away

They can even peck at you which can cause you to bleed

But it should not be too serious where you can die

Besides, crows attacking a human is rare

Like I mentioned earlier, you’re only going to get attacked if you go near their babies or nests

And that is only during the summer months

Are Crows Aggressive?

No they are not aggressive

They won’t cause you any harm

They can be aggressive to other birds

I walk past many crows and I have never been attacked at all

As long as you’re away from their nest and babies then you’re safe

But if you do go near them

They can become aggressive to you

But overall they are not aggressive at all

Can Crows Bite You?

They can bite you if they’re attacking you

But this is only when you are a threat to them

At most, crows would together dive at you to scare you away

If you try to hit back then they could bite you and this can be nasty and cause you to bleed

What Do Crows Hate The Most?

Crows hate shiny object 

Some people use CD’s and hang them in their gardens to keep crows away

Which reminds me, if you want to prevent a crow attacking you

Wear shiny clothing (I didn’t mention this earlier)

So if you want crows to stop coming into your garden

Use CD’s and hang them across your yard

Or you could use shiny aluminium plates. This pretty much works the same as Cd’s

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Final Words 

So do crows attack humans?

Yes they do

But they will only attack you if they think you’re a threat to them

How are you a threat to them?

If you go near their nest or babies then you’re a threat to crows

They will attack you

How do they attack?

They will divebomb towards you

Not just one crow

But lots of crows because they’re like a gang and work together

Usually they wouldn’t peck at you but there has been a case where a crow did make a person bleed!

So if you do get attacked by crows, don’t hit back

Rather run away as fast as you can

They wouldn’t follow you

Just make sure you don’t go near their nests or babies

Nesting season for crows is during the summer months

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