Is Construction Paper Safe For Birds?

Paper might seem like a strange toy option for birds, but many birds love to shred and play with it.

You might notice your budgie playing with the paper lining the bottom of its cage.

Generally, if the paper contains anything that could be potentially toxic to your bird, like dyes or adhesives, it’s not considered safe.

But what about construction paper

Is construction paper safe for birds?

Construction paper is a type of paper that has been dyed, so it’s not considered safe for birds.

If you have lined your birdcage with construction paper, it’s best to replace it with a non-toxic paper that your bird can safely rip apart for fun.

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  • Is construction paper bird safe? (In detail)
  • What materials are toxic to birds?
  • What type of paper is bird safe?

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Is Construction Paper Bird Safe? (Answered In Detail) 

Birds put everything in their mouths, so it’s critical that you only put non-toxic materials in their cages.

Whatever you put in their cage will end up in their beaks and in the water that they drink.

For this reason, construction paper is not considered a safe type of paper to put in the cage.

Although the many colors might be a fun addition to the birdcage, most construction papers contain toxic dyes that should be avoided.

Even if the dye is considered bird-safe, it would be better not to introduce dyes at all to your bird.

The colors may bleed when in contact with your bird’s saliva as well as its water.

Thankfully, there are a great many alternatives to construction paper when lining your bird’s cage with foraging materials.

Try something like paper towels or printer paper, which are great non-colored papers for your bird to play with.

What Materials Are Toxic to birds?

When it comes to paper, there are so many options on the market that it can be overwhelming to make a decision on what kind of paper is best suited for your bird’s needs.

And even worse, how do you know which materials are toxic to your bird?

The easiest types of paper to avoid are those with colorings like construction paper.

Other types of paper that have toxic dyes include crepe paper, colored paper, and even wrapping paper.

There are other materials that should be avoided that are harder to pick out.

Avoid papers like toilet paper rolls and cardboard.

Although these materials may seem safe, they contain adhesives that make them unsafe for your little feathered friend.

Cardboard may potentially be safe for your bird if you take that extra care to remove the glue from it, but it’s better to play it safe and give another type of paper to your bird.

Okay, so now we know which materials are toxic

Let’s look at what types of paper is safe for birds

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What Types Of Paper Are Bird Safe?

As a general rule, when you are trying to find bird-safe paper, make sure that the paper you purchase does not contain glues, acids, toxic dyes, coloring, or other chemicals.

Birds use their beaks and tongues to explore their world, so it’s inevitable that whatever paper you put in the cage will be accidentally ingested.

Therefore, take care in selecting non-toxic and safe materials only.

  • Shredded paper and printer paper – These are great paper options that are bird-safe. These types of papers are toxin-free and dye-free which make them perfect for foraging.
  • Paper towels – These can also be used in birdcages. It’s a fun, inexpensive material to keep your bird happy and entertained. Just be sure to not give your bird the roll that holds the paper towels together as the roll uses adhesives.
  • Tissue paper – Similarly, birds can play with tissue paper too. However, it is best to avoid tissue paper that has any perfumes.
  • Parchment paper – This type of paper is also safe for birds as it doesn’t have any toxins that could hurt your bird. However, when purchasing parchment paper, make sure that it’s unbleached. The bleaching chemicals are toxic for birds.

Although these papers are considered safe, always make sure that you are purchasing the correct type of paper that includes nothing toxic for your bird.

It’s always best to talk to your avian vet just to make sure it’s all good

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Is Printer Paper Safe For Birds?

Printer paper is fine for birds to play with or shred

As long as there is no ink on the paper it should be fine

You can use it to put at the bottom of the cage

Even if your bird swallows some paper it shouldn’t be a problem

Just make sure they don’t play with paper that has ink on it as this can be dangerous

Wrapping Up 

Birds find joy in the smallest things – from even the paper lining their cage.

Unfortunately, not all types of paper are safe for birds. As a bird owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the paper used is safe and non-toxic.

Avoid paper that includes dyes, colorings, and adhesives.

Instead, go for a paper that is free from other chemicals. Once you have determined that your birdcage is lined with safe paper, let your bird go crazy!

It will have heaps of fun for hours ripping apart the paper with its little beak.

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