Do Crows Kill Rabbits?

Crows belong to the genus Corvus, and there are over forty species found all across the globe.

If you’ve had even the slightest run-in with a crow, you’ll know that it might be a clever and spectacular-looking creature, but it’s no saint.

Crows are both predators and scavengers.

Hence, crows can eat anything from roadkill to insects, snakes, mice, squirrels, rabbits, fish, corn, and even human food.

Fundamentally, crows eat whatever they can get their claws into.

However, crows don’t usually attack large or fast prey.

Therefore, if you’re pondering whether crows kill rabbits, wonder no more.

Without further delay, let’s look at the situations when you might see a rabbit getting slain by a bunch of crows. 

Let’s get started!

Do Crows Prey On Rabbits?

Yes, crows do kill rabbits.

However it will be a rare occasion to witness a crow killing a healthy, adult rabbit.

Adult and physically healthy rabbits, both male and female, are difficult prey for crows.

These tiny, fluffy beings may not present much of a challenge for a hawk or an eagle.

A rabbit is undoubtedly quick on its feet to avoid a crow.

Seeing as how rabbits run from one burrow to the next in rapid succession, it doesn’t pose an easy target for crows.

Also, crows don’t like to risk their neck for their meals because they often enjoy having frequent meals.

Many avian experts claim that these birds rely on their scavenging skills to find food.

You will catch crows killing rabbits when a rabbit is sick or injured, or a baby rabbit is stuck out in the open for some reason. 

Moreover, crows are very observant and vigilant, and it’s nearly impossible to tell when you’ve become a target for a crow.

As most crows never hunt alone, sometimes even pet rabbits become prey to crows.

Do Crows Eat Rabbits?

As mentioned earlier, crows pretty much eat everything and anything.

These birds are opportunistic omnivores.

Hence, they will survive on plant-based food sources as well as protein.

In the few cases that a crow does manage to kill a rabbit, you can be sure that it will devour the rabbit, starting from the soft, fleshy parts such as the eyes.

Would a Crow Take A Rabbit?

Nature has granted every creature a unique set of defense mechanisms to save themselves.

A rabbit’s primary part of self-defense is to run and hide.

It can run about 25 – 45 miles per hour.

Furthermore, rabbits don’t stray far from their territories which are full of burrows.

Also, a rabbit facing a predator will resort to using its claws, teeth, and strong hind legs to defend itself.

Therefore, crows don’t usually take on a rabbit but an injured or sickly rabbit is a smooth kill.

Do Crows Attack Baby Rabbits?

Crows will eat eggs, baby birds of other bird species, and even baby mammals.

There have been reports from livestock owners that crows will attack a lamb if it doesn’t stand on its feet soon after its birth.

Crows can pick up on other animal species’ weaknesses with relative ease. 

If they spot frailty or defect, these birds do not waste time getting together and enjoying a snack after killing the poor creature.

In short, crows will attack bunny rabbits if they find any out in the open or a vulnerable state.

Do Crows Kill In General?

Crows usually scavenge.

If a bunch of crows find a hamburger lying around with some fries, they’ll prefer to treat themselves to fast food rather than go and hunt.

There’s no denying that crows are seen as birds of prey.

Unlike other avian predators such as falcons or hawks, these inquisitive yet adaptable creatures opt for less rigorous means of finding sustenance.

Recent studies conducted by Barbara Clucas, a biologist of Humboldt State University, and John Marzluff, of the University of Washington, in the issue of Ethnology, proved a point about the intelligence of the corvid family – a group of birds including crows, magpies, ravens, rooks, and jackdaws.

According to their research and several experiments, they learned that corvids are brilliant beings, quick to adapt to changing environments, and follow extensive social hierarchy within their circles.

Their studies also discovered that crows pick up on human activity.

Despite extensive urbanization of Corvus habitat, these creatures have found ways to survive and thrive in human communities.

Perhaps, that is why you will see crows looking into dumpsters to find scraps of food.

An in the eventuality where the dumpster has a lid, crows have been seen to open dumpster lids with great finesse to search for some snacks.

How Do You Protect Baby Bunnies From Crows?

In the wild, bunnies stay well-protected inside burrows where a female rabbit will go to unbelievable lengths to protect its babies.

The female rabbit is responsible for nest-building as well as young-rearing.

Male rabbits do not take any part in raising their young.

If the mother rabbit gets killed, the bunnies are exposed to all kinds of danger.

Also, you have to understand that there is little you can do to protect bunnies in the wild without a mother rabbit.

On the other hand, if you do take up caring for a bunch of bunnies, you will have to exercise extreme caution.

To begin with, you cannot allow bunnies into the open.

If you don’t have room to house bunnies inside your home, you will have to create a safe and sturdy shelter for bunnies outside.

Large cages with a chicken wire running from the top to the sides of the cage will keep the crows away from the baby rabbits.

To ensure that the bunnies do not injure themselves on the chicken wire, you will have to place a stiff yet smooth covering on the walls of the cage inside.

Furthermore, it will be essential that you take caution during feeding or foraging time. 

Wrapping Up

If you watch some YouTube videos about crow attacks, you will realize that crows don’t attack from the front.

They attack their target from the back.

These aren’t soft, cuddly creatures.

Instead, these intelligent beings rely on their survival skills instead of their killer instinct to live.

You should be aware that crows can kill just as quickly as any other predators if it chooses to.

Crows won’t hesitate to attack a hawk!

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