How To Stop Crows Pecking At My Car 

Have you ever experienced having a bad-looking car paintwork or torn rubbers of windscreen wipers because of crows?

These black birds are considered pests and evil for other car owners because they keep attacking vehicles by pecking, scratching, hammering the car paint or wipers.

It might really be quite annoying especially if your car has a shiny and metallic finish.

So why do crows attack cars and how do you stop it?

Crows attack cars because they see their reflection thinking it’s a rival bird.

Cover your car completely to protect your vehicle and the crows will leave your car alone.

Buying bird scares would also do the work to stop these birds from damaging your vehicle even more. 

How Do I Stop Crows From Pecking On My Car? 

Crows can be aggressive and try to damage your vehicle every single day.

It can be quite annoying and problematic for many people, but here are some ways you can do to deal with crows that keep on pecking and wrecking your vehicle:

1. Cover Your Vehicle With a Car Cover

If you have a shiny, dark-colored car, you would have a difficult time keeping it safe from these black birds.

The most practical way to prevent crows from attacking your car is to cover it completely with a car cover.

2. Put Fake Predator Decoys To Scare Them Away 

Many car owners try to install another fake bird that can scare the crows away.

It can be anything huge and predator-looking birds like hawks or owls near your car’s vicinity.

These two birds are crows’ natural enemies and can be quite effective in scaring them away. 

Installing a fake, rubber snake would also prevent these black birds from landing on your car.

This is because crows recognize snakes as one of their deadly predators and would naturally avoid them.

You can buy a variety of fake snakes online or in stores and put them on your car for bird protection.

3. Put Reflective Tapes Or CDs Near Your Car 

Birds, including crows, hate shiny reflections.

Hang CDs near your car or put reflective tapes to keep them away.

When crows see reflective surfaces, they would avoid landing on them which can be a great way to stop them from destroying your vehicle. 

Why Do Crows Tap On Cars? 

Crows can be quite persistent tapping or scratching your car no matter how many times you shoo them away.

They may also try to attack and peck on windows, mirrors, reflective grills, or any other shiny surface as long as they can see their own reflection. 

If your car gives off a shiny finish, crows may attack your vehicle mistaking that their reflection is a rival bird.

They will try to peck at it, rake it with talons, or repeatedly tap on them which will end up with damaged car paint.

Crows can be quite territorial and aggressive towards other birds.

If crows often see “other” birds because of your car’s reflection, you might need to take some drastic action to stop them pestering your vehicle. 

How Do I Stop Crows Eating My Windscreen Wipers? 

Crows can not only damage your car’s beautiful color, but also its windscreen wipers.

Replacing your wipers can be quite costly over time just because of them, but there are still some things you can do to keep them away from your vehicle. 

Cover Your Windscreen Wipers

While car covers and bird scares can be effective against them, you can also try to cover your car’s windscreen wipers with pvc pipes.

Crows would eventually leave your car alone if they realized that they can’t damage them. 

Install Sound-Emitting Devices

Another method would be putting sound-emitting devices to scare them away.

Place a sound emitter that produces distress calls to prevent crows from landing on your vehicle.

Distress calls would scare these birds thinking that a predator may be near in the vicinity. 

How Do You Stop a Crow Attack? 

Crows will attack surfaces that are shiny like cars.

Simply putting a bird deterrent would easily solve the problem of crow attack.

Buy predator birds or animals to keep them away such as huge hawks, owls, or snakes.

Place them near your car or around your parking area to scare them off. 

Similarly, using distress calls or natural bird repellents would help keep the crows away.

Some bird repellents include lemon oil, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, chili flakes, and peppermint oil which can be quite effective against them because of the strong aroma.

Wrapping Up

Crows are naturally intelligent, but they can also be a large nuisance especially for car owners.

They can end up damaging the car paint or tear off the rubber of windscreen wipers of a vehicle.

Crows attack cars and any other shiny surfaces because they think that their reflection is a rival bird.

Because they can be quite territorial, they would scratch your cars with their talons or beak effectively damaging your vehicle.

Install bird deterrents like sound-emitting devices, animal predators, and natural bird repellents to keep them away.

You can also cover your car with car cover, so they would not be able to see their reflection.  


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