How To Stop Budgies Flying Into Windows?

It’s pretty amazing to have an adorable budgie as a pet.

These are brilliant birds that are fun, interactive, and affectionate.

But, having a bird flying about in your house can represent many challenges.

And, the most frightening aspect of having a budgie in the house is that all of your house windows can present a safety hazard for your bird.

Most first-time pet parents constantly dread that their feathered baby will get hurt flying into a window.

The possibility of such a thing happening is genuine.

So, the first thing you need to do is understand why your bird is flying into the window and what steps you can take to prevent your bird from harming itself.

Hence, let’s delve deeper into the subject of how to stop budgies from flying into windows, and let’s analyze the reason why your birdie may feel compelled to do so.

Will Budgies Fly Into a Window?

How To Stop Budgies Flying Into Windows?

Yes, without a doubt, your budgie will fly into a window every time it gets the chance to do so.

You see, birds like humans have a learning curve.

So, when it is learning to fly, it’ll fly into quite literally everything.

You know what, the window appeals to birds more as it shows a very clear and unrestricted opening to the beautiful world outside.

But, if you take the necessary measures and give your bird some time to use its limbs effectively and efficiently, then your birdie will eventually get trained not to fly at windows at full speed.

Now why does your budgie fly into the window

Let’s look at the possible reasons

Why Does My Budgie Fly Into The Window? (Possible Reasons) 

Well, budgies that have been caged or clipped for most of their lives have trouble when they are allowed to fly around the house.

Your budgie will have to learn from experience to move with more agility as it grows older.

Your budgie learning to fly is, more or less, the same as your baby learning to take its first steps.

Your birdie will bump into things, fly into walls and windows, and crash into random stuff in such a scenario.

But, as it continues to fly, it’ll learn to use its wings and body parts with more grace and precision. 

In a lot of cases, budgie pet parents are recommended to keep decent lighting in the house.

Your pet is more likely to bump into things with dim lighting than when the house has appropriate lighting.

Now, windows are a tad bit more difficult for birds to deal with. It is because, with windows, birds have a tough time calculating the depth perception.

According to your birdie, it only sees open space.

The window looks like a clear flight path, and the reflection of the trees or sky means the direct route to greener pastures, literally speaking.

So, it is that your bird hits in full gear, at full speed, head to the window only to thud directly into the window and hurt itself.

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What Should You Do If Your Budgie Hits a Window?

Unfortunately, first-time pet parents have a tricky time learning about the dangers their pet might face when their birdie is growing older or learning to adjust to a new environment.

In the event that you didn’t take the necessary measures to make your house bird-proof or bird-safe, and your feathered baby has hit against a window and hurt itself, you need to head straight to the vet.

Suppose you feel that your birdie was flying at full speed and did hit the window so hard.

In that case, you should keep a close eye to notice any difference in behavior such as inability to fly or staying off food as a sign to signify that your birdie has suffered an injury. 

Sometimes, your birdie will hurt itself bad enough to pass out on the spot, bleed or break a bone or two.

On the other hand, budgies just learning to fly usually go slow, and when they fly into windows, they aren’t hurt so bad. 

It’s always best to be on the safe side and take your budgie to the vet just to make sure they are safe

Should Budgies Be Near a Window?

There’s no way your budgie won’t go near a window as long as there is one.

But, you can train your pet to steer clear of one, particularly when it is flying at top speed around the house.

Let’s take a look at some of the precautions you can take to prevent your budgie from bumping into windows.

Tape Strips

Many bird owners recommend applying bright-colored chart tape on the windows.

You can use some strips of tape vertically or horizontally to make it obvious for your bird that the window is not a clear way to fly out.

External Shutters

If you’ve placed external shutters outside the window, keep them closed when the windows are not in use.

If you want some natural light to come into your house, you can leave the shutters half-open so that some shadow falls on the window.

The shade will prevent your pet from flying shelter-skelter into windows, thinking it’s the clear blue sky.

Window Screen Or Light Net

Having blinds of any kind on the window and leaving those blinds half-closed will undoubtedly keep your bird from flying into windows.

In most cases, even a partially-transparent net will save your pet as most just bounce off against these nets and are saved from crashing.

Decal Or Wind Chimes

Placing decals directly on the windows or putting up wind chimes very close to the window will prevent your bird from flying straight for the world outside through a window.

You see, the decal or wind chimes help your bird calculate the depth perception better, therefore, saving your bird.

Soap Or Paint Patterns

Making patterns on the outside of your window with soap or tempera paint (tempera paint can be wiped away with a sponge but won’t wash off with rain) will also help your bird see that the window is not a simple route to the greenery outside.

Wrapping Up 

It’s a lot of fun to watch and observe budgies.

It really is a privilege caring for these beautiful and intelligent birds.

But, you have to understand that becoming a pet parent means a lot of responsibility too.

So, if you do decide to adopt a budgie or a pair of them, make sure you bird-proof your house before your birdie comes into your home.

There’s always a risk of your bird getting hurt when it is learning to fly.

But, with every precaution you take, you minimize the risk of harm to your budgie.

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