Should I Let My Budgie Free?

In this article we’re going to talk about if you should let your budgie free

Should you keep your budgies inside the cage all the time?

Is it safe to let them out and fly around the house?

If so, how long should you let your little birdie out of the cage

These questions will all be answered in this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Should You Let Your Budgie Out Of The Cage?

Yes of course!

Budgies need some out of cage time

It’s good for them


Because they get to be free and roam around

When your budgie is flying about in an open area it gives your little birdie some much needed exercise

They get to spread their wings and fly about which keeps them healthy

If your budgie is in their cage all day they don’t get to do this regardless of how large the bird cage is

Budgies that get to be out of the cage and fly about will be more happier

A happy budgie is a healthy budgie

Another thing to mention is you get to spend some quality time with your budgie when they are out of the cage

You can carry them on your finger or maybe let them sit on your shoulder

You could also let them eat with you

This will create an amazing bond between the two of you

A question that might come to mind is

Is It Dangerous To Let My Budgie Roam Around The House?

Good question

It can be dangerous

But here’s the good news

You can take the necessary precautions to ensure it’s safe for your budgie to fly about

Here’s what you should do before allowing your budgie out of the cage

  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed. You don’t want your little birdie to fly out of the house!
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Turn off stoves
  • Open pots of hot food should be covered

What you should do is, get into a routine where you allow your budgie out of the cage

That way you will get into the habit of making sure everything is safe around the house

Never let your budgie out of the cage if you’re not there

Always make sure you are supervising your budgie or someone is there with them

If it’s your budgies first time out of their cage then don’t just let them roam around the house

Start off small by allowing them out in a small room

That way they can get used to flying about and knowing where the walls are or the doors and windows

Your budgie might fly into the wall so just be careful of this

I go into more detail in my article – Do budgies fly into walls?

What if you have a untamed budgie?

Should you let them out?

Let’s find out

Should I Let My Untamed Budgie Out?

Of course you can

Many budgie parents allow their untamed budgies out of their cage

They don’t necessarily need to be tamed

It might be difficult to put them back in but they’ll get used to it for sure

It can take a long time but it will get easier once they know they have to go back in their cage

I actually have written an article on this too which you can check out

How to get an untamed budgie back in it’s cage

Okay so that we know a budgie should be let free out of their cage

Let’s look at how often you should give your budgie out of cage time

How Often Should You Let a Budgie Out?

You should let them your birdies out of the cage when you’re at home so you are there to keep an eye on them

Or someone should be there

It doesn’t matter how long they are out of their cage for

What you should focus on is the quality time you spend with your budgies

How much exercise are they getting

If they are happy being out of the cage then maybe 2 – 3 hours a day

It depends on you and your situation

I think when they are roaming around the house, it’s a good time to play with them and give them your attention

You could maybe put perches up on the walls or small ladders in places so your budgie can sit on high perches and enjoy the view

Should You Let Your Budgie Outside?

This is a big no!

Don’t ever let your budgie out of the house

They could just fly away and not come back again

And you don’t know what could happen when they have escaped

There’s a very unlikely chance they will come back

Looking for them will be difficult too and very stressful

It’s best to keep your birds at home where it’s safe

Have a large bird cage so they have plenty of room in the cage to play about

This also allows you to add a variety of toys so they don’t get bored with the same toys

You can check out my article – Best large cage for budgies

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Wrapping Up

Your budgie should definitely be let free and have some out of cage time

This is very good for them because they get to exercise and fly their wings

It keeps them healthy and happy too

Also, it’s a great time for you to spend some quality time with your parakeet

But do remember, when you do let them out, it is safe to do so

You have made sure there’s nothing dangerous in the house, make sure the windows and doors are all closed

Even if your budgie is untamed, it doesn’t matter

Let them out and fly about

Yes, it may take longer to get them back in their cage

But they will get used to it

You just need time and patience for this



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