Do Budgies Fly Into Walls?

Birds are known to be graceful creatures but the reality is that they can be quite clumsy at times.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to witness your budgie fly into the wall.

Although this may be alarming, most of the time it’s nothing serious to worry about.

Sometimes little birds like budgies may fly into walls as they’re in an unfamiliar environment or simply new to flying.

But you should always be careful especially if you’re letting them out of the cage for the very first time

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  • Why would a bird fly into a wall
  • How do I stop my budgie from flying into the wall
  • What you should do if your birdie flies into the wall

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Why Would a Bird Fly Into a Wall?

Do budgies fly into walls?

If your budgie randomly flies into a wall as it has some out-of-cage time, don’t be too alarmed.

This is surprisingly common to see in pet birds, though of course, this should be something that you and your budgie work on together to prevent it from happening in the future.

Your budgie could accidentally hurt itself by slamming its body weight against a wall in your home so it’s best to avoid it if at all possible.

Generally, a budgie will fly into a wall in new surroundings.

If your budgie is not used to the room, it’s harder for it to fly around comfortably without hitting something.

It will take some time for the budgie to get used to its surroundings, but this behavior should stop once the budgie is familiar with its new home.

Another reason a budgie may fly into the wall is if it’s a young bird with not much flying experience.

Your young budgie may still be learning to control its movements as it flies.

Over time, when your budgie learns to maneuver its surroundings better with ease, this should result in fewer crashes into walls or other objects.

Even in the wild, young birds fly into things as they learn to fly.

Okay so now that we know why a bird such as a budgie would fly into a wall

Let’s look at how you can stop this because you don’t want your little birdie to keep getting hurt

It is dangerous and could lead to serious injury

How Do I Stop My Budgie From Flying Into The Wall?

If your budgie is flying into the wall because it is in an unfamiliar environment, you will need to release your bird initially in a familiar room or just a smaller one to begin with.

If your bird is in a familiar room, it will be less likely to bump into the wall as it will be used to flying in this room.

Alternatively, if you use a smaller room, your budgie won’t be able to get up to full speed so it won’t hurt itself as badly.

It will be easier for your budgie to get to know a smaller room than a bigger one.

One thing that could help your budgie to identify a wall or barrier is to hang something on the wall so that it knows that there’s something there.

On the other hand, if you have a young budgie on your hands that is still learning how to fly correctly, the main remedy is time.

Much like a child learning how to walk, your budgie will need to learn how to fly through trial and error.

In the beginning, allow your bird out for a short amount of time only to get the bearings of moving around a space.

The good thing is that young birds have more flexible bones and they heal more quickly, so there’s more room for error for the little ones.

But still it’s best you try your best to avoid these wall hitting situations!

What Do You Do When a Bird Flies Into The Wall?

Budgies are tiny creatures so even a slight bump into the wall may lead to something more serious.

As its owner, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your bird especially during out-of-cage time.

It’s not uncommon for a budgie to fly into the wall and, most of the time, your budgie will be able to shake it off as if nothing has happened.

If your budgie hits the wall, examine it and if it seems to be fine and chirps away happily, there’s no more action needed on your end besides helping your little budgie to become familiar with its environment in order to avoid these types of accidents in the future.

Alternatively, if your budgie seems to be seriously hurt or injured by the accident, take it to a qualified avian vet immediately.

Your budgie needs a checkup and a professional will be able to tell you what’s happened to your bird and how to help it recover.

Don’t let your budgie out without your supervision especially if it’s the first time they are out of the cage

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Wrapping Up 

Budgies are funny little creatures that may have fly into walls occasionally.

This is why it is important to supervise your budgie when you free it from its cage.

It may seriously injure itself by flying into a wall.

You can prevent this from happening but helping your budgie get used to its surroundings and its own body.

Once you have a more confident bird on your hands, you are less likely to witness these types of accidents.

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