Should I Leave My Budgies Cage Open

You should never leave your budgies cage open if you are not there

Your budgie could fly away anytime especially if the windows and doors are left open

Also, other potential hazards can be really dangerous for your budgie

Though you can of course leave it open if you are there supervising your budgie

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  • Should you leave your budgies cage open? (Answered in detail)
  • Should you leave the cage open at night?
  • When you should let your budgie out

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Should You Leave Your Budgies Cage Open?

If you are not at home and your budgie is all alone

Then I would advise to not let it open


Because you don’t know what could happen

If you by mistake left the window open

There’s a strong possibility your budgie could fly out

I mean if that happens it’s highly unlikely you’ll see your budgie ever again!

It’s just not worth the risk at all

Yes, if you are at home and you’ve given your budgie out of cage time

By all means, leave the cage open

Your bird can go back in anytime and fly back out too

That is okay because you would have made sure it’s safe for your budgie to fly about in the house

Leaving the cage door open when you’re there also allows your budgie to have the freedom to get back in their cage when they are tired

Or if they want to rest inside the cage and the door is open, it gives them the opportunity to fly out and have some freedom

Never leave the door open when you’re not there

It’s best to keep them in the cage secured

That way you know 100% your bird is safe

Should I Leave My Bird Cage Open At Night?

As I mentioned earlier, leaving your bird cage open when you are not there is very risky

So imagine at night!

You don’t know where your budgie could escape too whilst you’re sleeping

It is not safe to leave it open during the night

Budgies sleep during the night

The last thing you want is for them to get disturbed and then fly out of the cage

There is no point leaving it open at night

Rather, you should cover the cage so it’s dark for your birds when they go to sleep

This leads me to my next point

Should I Cover My Budgies Cage At Night?

Yes you should cover the cage at night

Budgies need darkness to sleep

You see, budgies tend to sleep during dusk

Just when the sun sets

So it’s not completely dark

Which is why a cover for the cage would help make it dark, making it easier for your budgie to go to sleep

You can check out this cover if you don’t have one already

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

It looks pretty cool right?

You can get this over on Amazon by clicking here

It’s important to cover the bird cage during the night because it will ensure your budgie a good night sleep

Otherwise you may have a grumpy budgie!

If your budgie does get grumpy at night then you should check out my article by clicking the link below

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When Should I Let My Budgie Out Of The Cage?

You should let your budgie out of the cage everyday

It’s very important to let your budgie have some out of cage time


Because it allows them to spread their wings and fly about

This gives them great exercise which is of course very important

If your budgie is in their cage all day, this can cause obesity and can even lead to depression because they are stuck in their cage all day

It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your budgie

Maybe you can even cuddle with your little birdie

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I actually talk about this in my article where I go into more detail about allowing your budgie some out of cage time

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Final Thoughts

You should never leave your budgies cage open if you are not there

It is very dangerous to do so because you have no idea where your budgie can fly off to

Especially if the windows and doors are left open

Yes, if you are there with your budgie and they are having out of cage time, leave the cage open so your budgie has the option to fly in and out of the cage whenever they want to

But if you are not there, leave the cage closed at all times

Also, during the night the cage should be left closed because your budgie will be sleeping so they won’t need it open of course

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