Are Male Or Female Cockatiels More Affectionate?

Cockatiels are very affectionate birds that make great, friendly pets.

If you are looking at adopting one, you may wonder if a male or female cockatiel is a better fit for you.

One thing that might play a factor is the level of affection you may receive from the bird.

Question is – Are male or female cockatiels more affectionate?

Female cockatiels have a reputation for being more affectionate than male cockatiels.

So if you are looking for a cockatiel that loves sitting on your shoulder and getting scratches, a female cockatiel might be a great choice!

But not to worry if you have a male bird as male birds can be very affectionate too.

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  • Better to have a male or female cockatiel? (What you need to know)
  • Which cockatiel shows more aggression? Male or female? (You’ll find out!)
  • Are male cockatiels more vocal or female?

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How Do Cockatiels Show Affection?

They may not be as easy to read as dogs and other mammalian animals, but cockatiels also show affection in their own way.

These birds are incredibly expressive and they use their voices and body language to communicate their emotions.

If your cockatiel makes excited noises when you come by, it means it’s happy to see you.

Some of these happy sounds include chirping and singing.

Cockatiels aren’t as vocal as parrots are, but they will still use their beautiful voices to showcase their affection for you.

On the other hand, if your cockatiel hisses or screeches at you, that’s probably a good sign to take a step back.

Cockatiels will use their bodies as well to show how happy they are to see you.

As you approach, you might see your cockatiel jump and move back and forth in excitement.

It may also bend down its head for pets as you approach.

Another way to tell if your cockatiel is showing affection to you is to check if its tail is wagging (like a dog) or if it’s blinking incessantly!

In fact, the tail wagging and blinking is a way to flirt for these birds.

These birds are distinguished by the crest on top of their heads, and the crest can also clue you into whether the cockatiel likes you or not.

If the crest is relaxed, it means that the bird is comfortable in your presence.

Is It Better To Have a Male Or Female Cockatiel?

There is no perfect answer to the question of whether it is better to have a male or a female cockatiel.

This entirely depends on your own preference.

The males tend to be more vocal and the females tend to be more affectionate.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule as all cockatiels are different with personalities of their own.

Generally, the best thing to do is to adopt one cockatiel of each sex.

This ensures that your cockatiels are never lonely as they’ll always have each other.

This will also stop them from bonding too much to you.

Although this may not seem like a bad thing, if the cockatiel is too bonded to you, it may screech and be very stressed when you leave the house.

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Which Cockatiel Is More Aggressive Male Or Female?

Male cockatiels tend to be the more aggressive ones as they are a lot more vocal and love attention.

This is especially the case during breeding season.

Even with no mate in sight, male cockatiels will probably find either you or an object in the room to flirt with.

During this season, the male cockatiel will get more aggressive if you interrupt the advances or reject him.

Females on the other hand are generally sweeter and more reserved, even drawing back when there is a possible threat.

During the breeding season, females, like males, can also get a bit moody.

Female cockatiels become hormonal at this time, which makes them more aggressive than they are usually.

But even still, it’s generally the males that are more aggressive than females.

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Are Male Cockatiels More Vocal Than Females?

Male cockatiels are more outgoing than female cockatiels.

The males love to show off their stuff, so it’s natural for them to make more noise than the female birds do.

They are not as shy as the female cockatiels are, so they are more likely to be noisier.

If you are looking for a cockatiel that likes to mimic, sing, and make noise in general, a male cockatiel would be a great fit for you!

They are a great source of entertainment!

Alternatively, if you prefer some peace and quiet and would like a more reserved cockatiel, a female would be your best bet.

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Wrapping Up

Female and male cockatiels have quite opposite personalities, so it can be easy to make a decision on what sex to adopt.

If you are looking for a quieter bird that is affectionate, a female cockatiel would be great for you. O

n the other hand, if you want a cockatiel that loves to play, talk, and sing, a male would be a perfect fit.

Whichever one you get, they make amazing pets!

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