Do Crows Eat Budgies?

Budgerigars or also known as budgies are among the top common pets of many bird lovers.

This is because they are beginner-friendly, easy to take care of, and are friendly birds.

They are also perfect to have because they are naturally smaller in size.

Though they are commonly kept in cages and in homes, do these budgies still have their predators?

Of course, budgerigars still have their own predators.

One of their predatory birds is crows.

These scavenging birds eat budgies and any other small birds that are easy to hunt and kill.

That’s why it is important for you to keep your budgerigars safe from these predators, and as much as possible do not let crows know where they are exactly.

After all, they are so clever that they might do some mischievous tricks to kill your pet

Do Crows Eat Birds? 

Crows do eat smaller birds, such as budgies, canaries, finches, pigeons, and other birds that are weaker than them.

These scavengers are great hunters, given how they have the strength to chase off smaller birds, and intelligence to do clever tricks. 

However, crows will only eat birds if there is no other available food.

As you know, crows have a diverse diet where they can eat vegetables, fruits, berries, insects, eggs, and even human food.

They will only hunt for other live birds when there is an extreme scarcity of food already. 

Also, these birds prefer eggs and fledgling more than the adult birds.

After all, eggs and baby birds are more helpless and easier to hunt. 

Are Crows Bad For Other Birds? 

It all depends on how you view it.

Crows may be bad for other birds, because they prey on them, even their eggs and babies.

But of course, this is just one of the courses of nature.

Crows are meant to become predators to others, similar as to how they prey on other stronger bird species. 

These black birds also scare away other bird species due to their bold and intimidating nature.

Hence, they pose some slight annoyance to bird feeders given how the crows scare the other small birds away. 

They may also be bad because crows can mercilessly go for any nests and nestlings of other live birds.

These scavengers prefer to hunt the nests of even stronger birds because they find it easier to hunt and locate.

What Birds Are Afraid Of Crows? 

Crows are omnivorous and clever birds.

It is not surprising to find other birds immediately flying away once they spot this hunter.

It is natural for them to be afraid due to the intimidating, opportunistic, and dangerous trouble that a crow will give. 

These black birds are known to attack other bird species, including their nestlings.

Smaller and weaker birds such as canaries, pigeons, sparrows, doves, and finches will often fly and hide away from these hunters to keep themselves protected. 

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Wrapping Up

Crows are dangerous predators to many birds in the wild and even domestic.

Some birds that often fall to crows as victims are doves, pigeons, finches, and other weaker birds.

Budgerigars, although often considered as pets, may also become prey if a crow has seen an opportunity to hunt them. 

Although these birds scare and attack other species, it is just a common instinct among all the animals to secure food.

Crows are omnivorous birds and they are capable of hunting and killing others.

Killing and eating others are just nothing, but also part of nature’s food chain.

So, it is not necessary to view crows as pests or bad existences to other animals. 

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