Red-Tailed Hawk

One of the three species known as the “chickenhawk,” the Red-Tailed Hawk is to be found throughout North America, all the way from Alaska to Panama and the West Indies. It’s a fantastic creature that’s adaptable to a vast range of habitats – from dry, sandy deserts to lush, dense forests.  In this article you’re … Read more Red-Tailed Hawk

Baby Parakeet

Though humans have been taming birds for more than 5000 years, parakeets became a popular choice only back in the mid-1800s. Today, these parrots represent the most sought-after companion birds, accounting for about 45 million pets worldwide. Despite that, most of us still don’t know how to raise baby parakeets or want to learn how … Read more Baby Parakeet

Can Budgies Fart

A budgie farting! Funny thing to write about and I guess to read about too But I know it is something to be curious about Can budgies fart?  But hey, you’d be surprised There is actually evidence and studies that have been conducted to actually back up the fact that budgies do actually fart! Here’s … Read more Can Budgies Fart

Sparrow Nest

With its small size and flexible breeding habits, a sparrow is quite a successful creature that can adapt to all kinds of surroundings. Consequently, it is found throughout the world, currently accounting for about 1.6 billion birds.  But of all the places, sparrows tend to live near human settlements.  And so, they bring a sense … Read more Sparrow Nest

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