Why Does My Budgie Lick Everything?

Budgies are birds that are full of curiosity.

In one way or another, you would find them doing strange things such as licking everything they can see, primarily metal.

Have you ever wondered why your parakeet is licking everything?

Well, parakeets are very tongue and beak-oriented birds. They always use their tongue to lick, play, taste, and satisfy their curiosity. You can sometimes see them licking metal, which might also bring them potential hazards like metal poisoning. It is also possible that your bird has some mineral deficiency.

Hence, it is best to purchase a salt lick or mineral block to address these concerns. 

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Why Does My Budgie Keep Licking Metal Objects? 

You may have seen your parakeet licking metal objects, such as their cages from time to time.

It is important that you stop your pet bird from doing this since there might be a possibility of metal poisoning which can harm your bird. 

Licking metal objects is a sign of mineral deficiency.

Birds do have the instinct to lick on things that they think will help them get a source of a mineral to their body.

If your pet bird continuously licks metal objects, it is necessary to get them some licking items such as mineral blocks. 

Your budgie may not always lick their cage or metal

But they may even lick you too!

Let’s find out why

What Does It Mean When Your Budgie Licks You? 

Parakeets are very loving and friendly birds, especially to their owners.

They have a lot of ways to express their affection to their owner.

If your budgie licks you, it only means a sign of affection for your parakeet. 

It only means that your bird is showing content that you are by its side.

Licking is similar to kissing for them, so it only means that your pet is giving you bird kisses.

If your bird is licking you, it may also be because it is actually preening you – a sign of affection for birds as well. 

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How Do You Know If Your Budgie Trusts You? 

As mentioned, budgies have a lot of ways to show their affection to you.

Of course, these cute behaviors are also signs that they trust you a lot.

Their trust can be shown primarily through their body language.

Some of the signs you can observe are flapping wings, wagging tails, regurgitation, and vocalizations.

Your bird will be visibly excited whenever they see you which only means that they trust you and are in love with your attention. 

Are Budgies Chewers?

Again, budgies are tongue and beak-oriented.

In no time, you will see them licking, pecking, and even chewing anything they can see that is chew-able or interesting.

In other words, budgies are really chewers.

They love to chew on items such as papers, toys, and softwood. 

You do not have anything to worry about this behavior.

Chewing is really normal and harmless unless the thing that they are chewing are metal or any item that contains toxic substances. 

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Should I Punish My Budgie For Licking Everything?

To give you a quick answer, it’s a no.

Punishing would never do good to your bird and it will only create a negative effect on your relationship with your pet.

If you punish your budgie, it is likely that it will have its trust broken and develop a fear of you, resulting in destructive behavior later on.

It is best to only do little discouragement to your pet bird, such as simple no.

Rather than punishment, it is best to discover the needs of your bird and give it proper training or discipline not to lick things again. 

Wrapping Up

Budgies always use their tongue, similar to how they always use their beaks.

After all, they are tongue and beak-oriented birds.

They might try licking every object they can see, primarily metal.

This is a bad manifestation of this habit, however.

It is because they can risk themselves for metal poisoning.

Your pet parakeets might also lick you as a sign of their affection.

Budgerigars usually express their love for their owner through licking, so it only means that your bird has deep love and trust for you if it licks you. 


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