Do Chickens Like Hugs?

Forget hugging a chicken It’s sort of impossible to catch them! Jokes aside, question is – Do chickens like hugs? I think it’s important to understand that not all chickens are the same Some chickens will allow you to pick them up and handle them – gently of course Others won’t let you touch them … Read more Do Chickens Like Hugs?

Can Chickens Eat Wax Worms?

Many chicken owners find their chickens munching on insects when they are free-grazing. So, chicken keepers wonder if there are any health benefits associated with feeding chicken insects regularly. One of the most commonly available insects in pet stores is meal worms and wax worms.  And, so, pet parents of chickens deliberate whether chickens can … Read more Can Chickens Eat Wax Worms?

Can Chickens Eat Goldenrod

Chicken owners know their feathered friends love eating whatever comes their way. But, the problem is not everything growing in gardens is safe for chicks to consume. That’s why one of the more popular queries among poultry enthusiasts is: Can chickens eat goldenrod?  You should avoid feeding your chickens goldenrod because it contains saponins that … Read more Can Chickens Eat Goldenrod

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