Chicken Not Growing

Undoubtedly poultry farming has been a dominant and highly profitable commercialized industry from the perspective of meat consumption. But you cannot deny the challenges that can make it difficult for you to raise chickens. There are several post-hatchery challenges during the growth period for chicks. If neglected, there could be high risks of increased mortality … Read more Chicken Not Growing

Will Chickens Stop Laying If The Coop Is Dirty?

Chickens are genuinely spectacular creatures that are often undermined. You see, up until recently, chickens were seen as nothing more than a meal or a means to get fresh eggs. But, studies from expert ornithologists have proved that chickens are intelligent beings with social order and emotional IQ.  So, when your beloved chickens stop laying … Read more Will Chickens Stop Laying If The Coop Is Dirty?

Can Chickens Cry?

It is generally assumed that chickens don’t feel emotions much like other animals such as cats or dogs. But, when you consider that chickens are very social creatures that exhibit various behaviors such as cheeping or clucking that are indicative of emotional distress, it is altogether presumptuous to think that these flightless birds do not … Read more Can Chickens Cry?

Chicken Walking Sideways

Many animal lovers have taken to raising chickens in their backyard. The rise in the popularity of chickens as pets is mainly due to two reasons: chickens are very low-maintenance and pretty fun pets, and you get the added advantage of getting fresh and organic eggs for every breakfast.  Yes, chickens are sturdy beings. Yet, … Read more Chicken Walking Sideways

Can Chicken Eat Daisies?

You’d be amazed to discover the various things your flock of chickens can gobble down when they’re out free-ranging. Chickens are opportunistic omnivores, and they’ll happily munch on critters like crickets and worms; or small animals such as mice or snakes just as quickly as they will devour seeds, herbs, and flowers. Chickens show no … Read more Can Chicken Eat Daisies?

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