Can Baby Chickens Swim?

Watching a bunch of chickens swim around in a pool with their owners is nothing if not cute. You should know that chickens aren’t designed for swimming. As for chicks, swimming isn’t a sport recommended for these tiny creatures. Chicks often drown in water basins that aren’t even very deep as these animals aren’t equipped … Read more Can Baby Chickens Swim?

Chicken Lifting Legs High When Walking

Chickens may sometimes display strange behaviors that are actually normal to them. Things like dust bathing, digging holes, pecking at each other are just some of these bizarre chicken behaviors. However, another unusual habit for them would be walking while lifting their legs high. Truthfully, this specific circumstance should not be dismissed as nothing. After … Read more Chicken Lifting Legs High When Walking

Why Is My Baby Chick Not Growing?

Every living thing requires proper nourishment, conducive environmental factors, and proper physical care are key to proper growth and development. Factors that contribute to the proper development of a Chick include good and enough nutrition, adequate supply of clean water, protection from predators and mites, conducive temperatures, and a comfortable brooder. The lack of these … Read more Why Is My Baby Chick Not Growing?

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