Can Chickens Eat Grasshoppers? 

Chickens love to forage and who knows what kind of food they can get and eat from this daily routine.

It is inevitable that chickens would encounter various insects, and grasshoppers are just one of the most common bugs they can find in the wild.

Now the question is – Can Chickens Eat Grasshoppers? 

Grasshoppers and even locusts are great insects that your chickens can find and eat.

They are rich in protein that your chickens absolutely need to maintain a strong and healthy body.

Some of the amino acids that they can get from eating grasshoppers are lysine, cysteine, and methionine which are all important in their growth and development.

In fact, you can use grasshoppers and locusts as supplementary food in their diet to give them protein. 

Are Grasshoppers Beneficial For Chickens? 

Chickens love grasshoppers and it is a bonus for them that these bugs are really nutritious and beneficial for your fowls.

In fact, there are several benefits that are too hard to ignore from eating grasshoppers. 

These bugs are so rich in protein, and letting your chickens eat them would be really helpful.

From these bugs, chickens can have better growth, improved egg quality, good coloration of yolk, better egg laying rate, and a better quality of egg shells. 

Can Chicks Eat Grasshoppers? 

Chicks may also begin foraging along with their mother hens.

Although they can eat grasshoppers and other bugs, it is better if you start by giving them a proper meal first.

The development stage of chicks is crucial and important.

Hence, ensuring that they are well-fed with a balanced diet would avoid any health problems in the future. 

It is better to wait until the chicks are older and can live almost on their own.

In this way, you can be sure their early stages of growth is done in a proper manner 

Can Chickens Eat Dried Grasshoppers? 

Chickens can eat grasshoppers, regardless of whether it is fresh or dried.

In fact, some chicken owners purposely hang them up to dry.

Then, they will let their chickens eat and feast on these dried grasshoppers. 

Since they are rich in protein and other nutrients, chicken owners have these bugs as supplementary food or snacks for their chickens.

This only shows how nutritious the grasshoppers are to chickens. 

Is It Okay For Chickens To Eat Crickets? 

Crickets are also one of the most common bugs that your chickens may find in their forage.

Like grasshoppers, crickets are safe and nutritious for your chickens.

In fact, they are also a great source of protein, making these bugs excellent treats. 

Some chicken owners also purchase crickets in the market that are grown and meant for chickens.

Feeding them to your birds is far safer and better than wild crickets to ensure their safety.

After all, you would not know whether wild crickets have parasites. 

Can Chickens Eat Live Locusts?

Locusts also belong to the family of grasshoppers and they are equally nutritious and safe too.

Chickens can forage and find wild locusts on the grass.

They are free and safe to eat, so you can let your chickens eat them. 

However, be wary that there are some risks that may come from eating live and wild locusts.

This also applies to other wild bugs, like grasshoppers and crickets.

Eating wild insects may have unwanted parasites that may harm your chicken, so some chicken owners prefer to buy insects that are organically and safely grown as feeds. 

Are There Any Bugs Chickens Should Not Eat?

Chickens love bugs, and most of them are good sources of protein and other nutrients.

This is why most protein-supplement foods for chickens are bugs, like crickets, meal-worms, grasshoppers, and locusts.

But are all bugs safe for chickens to eat?

The answer is no.

There are still a few handful of insects that your chickens should not eat.

These are usually the stinky ones, like box-elder bugs, stink bugs, and lady beetles.

Well, chickens would not want to eat these bugs anyway given their strong odors. 

You can not also give your bugs that have parasites or have been tainted with chemicals like herbicides.

They might also bring harm to your chickens’ health, rather than nutrients. 

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Wrapping Up

Grasshoppers, locusts, and crickets are just some of the best bugs that you can feed on to your chickens.

This is because these insects are full of nutrients, particularly protein that can be beneficial to your birds’ health. 

You can also add these bugs as a supplement to their diet by treating them as snacks.

This will help you achieve a well-balanced diet for your chickens and keep them strong and healthy. 

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