Do Chickens Feel Emotions? 

Sometimes, it is easy to overlook the internal well-being of animals, chickens included.

Many people disregard the concern whether animals have emotions, especially those animals that are usually intended as sources of food.

With that question, let’s find out whether chickens really do feel emotions or not. 

Chickens, no matter how silly or random they act sometimes, feel emotions too.

In fact, many scientists have expressed agreement that chickens have complex negative and positive emotions.

This includes stress, distress, curiosity, fear, pain, anxiety, and anticipation.

Though it is quite impossible to tell and communicate with them with certainty, humans can at least tell the mood and emotions of chickens based on their body language.

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Can Chickens Feel Sadness? 

Sadness is one of the common emotions that we can feel under some circumstances.

Chickens, like any other beings on this planet, can also feel sadness.

In fact, they can even get depressed.

Although it depends upon the situation, chickens can get sad if they cannot act and live freely and according to their will and instinct. 

That’s why you should let them roam around (providing it is safe for them and there are no predators about)

Chickens are one of the most commonly farmed animals.

They feel and suffer immense pain and sadness, living in a tight and restricted area where they will most likely die.

These birds are outdoor goers, meaning they cannot really thrive and live happily when they are caged and restricted. 

Can Chickens Sense Your Emotions? 

If there is one emotion that chickens can very well recognize, it would be empathy.

Chickens are great at sensing emotions, especially if it is from other chickens.

They can feel others’ sadness, happiness, curiosity, anticipation, and other emotions that they are capable of feeling too. 

With this, it is also possible that chickens can also feel their owner’s emotions.

Human actions are also affected and reflected by their own emotions.

Hence, chickens may also feel and notice some differences in our actions, therefore also feel our emotions, even if it is not great as what they could do with other chickens. 

Do Chickens Have Feelings For Their Owners?

Chickens can have feelings for their owners, particularly affection.

It still depends on the personality of the chickens, but there are some who feel excited and cuddly whenever they see their owners.

This only proves that these birds have the ability to feel something toward people.

This is also very evident in some cases too.

Owners that are well-experienced in the taking of chickens tend to have happier fowls.

Similarly, owners that are mediocre or cruel often have sad, miserable, and birds that are affectionate.

Do Chickens Feel Remorse? 

Most emotions that chickens could feel are pain, excitement, affection, sadness, curiosity, and sometimes depression.

These emotions are usually ranging from positive to negative, but when it comes to being remorseful, it is uncertain. 

Chickens act on instincts; they act, forage, and may even attack other chickens when they are feeling distressed, angry, or hungry.

They also tend to flock to their other companions and comfort one another which shows that they can feel empathy.

But whether they can also feel guilt and remorse over their actions, it is still uncertain.

After all, there are no scientific studies that can prove that yet. 

Can Chickens Be Heartbroken? 

Chickens can definitely be heartbroken since they can also feel sadness and depression.

They may also feel miserable and experience suffering, especially when they are being restricted, caged, or neglected.

These birds have a lot of needs to satisfy and give.

When these needs are not being met, they may feel heartbroken.

They can also feel that way towards the loss of their mate, chicks, and freedom to act on their instincts. 

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How Do You Cheer Up a Chicken? 

Now that you know that chickens can also feel emotions, is it also possible to do something for them, so they can always feel happy?

Well, there are ways you can do for your birds to cheer them up. 

Chickens are also affectionate, especially when you have a deep bond with each other.

Try to give them more attention and cuddles, if you think that they are feeling sad.

Foods are also one of the best things to cheer them up as well, particularly treats that they love. 

If you have fellow chickens that are well-acquainted with your sad chicken, try to give them more time for each other.

Empathy is one of the things that chickens are best at, emotionally wise.

Having a fellow friend that they are familiar with also works to make their day. 

Wrapping Up

Chickens can also feel emotions, like any other humans and animals.

They can feel sadness, grief, happiness, affection, curiosity, and other positive and negative emotions.

This is why it is important that you also take into consideration how they are doing emotionally. 

Be a good chicken owner and always make sure that your chickens can freely act on their own while also providing good care for them.

After all, good chicken owners tend to have happy chickens.

And if your fowls are not restricted and are not experiencing any forms of suffering, they are happier and will produce lots of eggs too! 


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