I Hate My Neighbor’s Chickens 

Chickens can really be noisy at times, that’s why some people who are not fond of them find them pretty troublesome and annoying.

There are also instances where chickens wander around areas and just find themselves lost in other places.

Have you ever felt the same thing towards these fowls? 

If you hate your neighbor’s chickens, then there is really nothing you can do about it.

This is why it is pretty inappropriate to keep chickens when you are living in residential or civilized areas.

After all, these fowls can pose some annoyance to the neighborhood or other people around.

The only way to resolve such problems is to really talk about it over the table with the involved owners. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Neighbor’s Chickens?

Seeing the mess that chickens can make in your yard is definitely something no one would want.

These fowls are somehow noisy and also attract pests that are absolutely troublesome when they get inside your home.

So, to get rid of your chickens is simply to make your place inaccessible.

You can put up a tall fence that chickens would not be able to cross. (Check out my article – How high should a chicken fence be?)

You can also install deterring devices around your place to scare them away.

Of course, it is still best to talk over the matter with your neighbor to see if they can also do something about their own fowls.

Is There a Noise That Chickens Hate?

Birds, like chickens, hate loud noises.

It is easy to startle these fowls with loud and even frightening noises, such as loud automobiles and lawn equipment.

Hence, if you want to completely keep the chickens away from your place, install noise-deterring devices. 

There are a lot of alarm devices that you can purchase and install.

However, these deterrents might scare away the chickens and cause some serious effects on the temperament and behavior of these birds.

It would be better to discuss it first with the chicken owners to see if you can come up with a solution that does not bother both sides. 

What Smell Keeps Chickens Away? 

If your neighbor’s chickens keep on bothering you, then using deterrents that have something to do with smell is perhaps the best way to keep them off of your yard.

Put strong smells around your place, such as herbs and spices. 

Some of the spices and herbs you can have around are paprika, cinnamon, citrus peels, cayenne pepper, and lavender.

Not only it will make your garden or yard smell good but also keep these chickens away from your home. 

Can Chickens Be Kept In a Residential Area?

Ideally, chickens are meant to be kept in areas where you can place coops and not bother anyone.

Your chickens will also thrive well if there is enough area or space for them where they can forage and run free.

Residential areas might not be the best-suited place for them. 

Also, keeping chickens in a residential area might also spell trouble for you in the long run.

It is likely that your chickens will get to bother your neighbors, causing some conflicts.

Although it is possible to live in residential places with chickens, you also have to check if there are any policies regarding this matter. 

Can Neighbors Complain About Chickens? 

Unfortunately, if you are the chicken owner, your neighbors might file a complaint against you and your fowls.

They might have a strong statement especially if there are any laws or policies in your area that are violated. 

Though this only happens when your chickens are extremely bothersome for them.

After all, neighbors usually ask or talk to you first before going through the legal process.

This is one of the things you should look out for if you are thinking of keeping chickens in a residential area. 

Wrapping Up 

Taking care of chickens requires a lot of considerations, especially the area where you will be keeping them.

Deciding to have chickens while living in a residential area might not be the best idea as you will not only compromise the needs of your birds, but also create troubles around the neighborhood. 

If you are facing issues with the chickens of your neighbor, you can try to install some deterrents in your yard.

If this not works, try to see if you can have a discussion with your neighbor to see if they can do something about their fowls. 

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