Budgie Battles: Does Your Bird Get Jealous Of Your Attention?

Budgies are great birds to keep as pets

They are very social and they build a long lasting relationship with us humans

But this bond and relationship can create certain challenges

Yes, budgies are very social, calm demeanor and are small in size but they can get jealous

Can a Budgie Be Jealous?

They can become jealous of other birds, humans, household pets and toys

That is why it’s important if you decide to make any changes, or you want to adopt another bird or pet, it should be done gradually

This will hopefully make your budgie less likely to become jealous

So – Do budgies get jealous?

Yes they certainly and will get jealous

Not to worry though

Because in this article we are going to talk about the signs to look out for

The possible reasons why your budgie gets jealous

And most importantly how you can stop your budgie getting jealous

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

First we need to look at what are the signs of jealousy in a budgie

We all get jealous (Although we shouldn’t have jealousy)

It’s natural for a human to get jealous and this even happens in the animal kingdom among birds

Your budgie can become very attached to you, to their friends or even to a toy

It’s in their nature to be very social

Now when they feel their position is being threatened, this bond and attachment can turn sour

It’s natural for a budgie to feel threatened when for example, your attention has turned to something else

Maybe you used spend lots of time with your budgie and now that has become less because you got a new budgie or a new pet

Your budgie may attack the other person or the other pet

One thing to remember, these signs of aggression can also be due to other things such as general aggression, fear, illness

So I want to talk about the signs you need to look out for in a jealous budgie

Unusual Aggression

You would agree with me when I say budgies are usually calm and just chill, relax and pretty much chirp away

Now if your budgie has all of a sudden become aggressive, defensive and confrontational, then this could be a sign of jealousy, especially if it’s directing it’s anger to something new for example a new budgie or a new pet

Here’s what could happen if your budgie is showing unusual aggression

  • You’ve decided to bring a new budgie and put the budgie in the cage
  • You’re spending more time with a new pet which makes your budgie feel like they’re being ignored or left out
  • You just got married! Or a new baby in the house and now your attention is more towards them rather than your budgie

Your budgie would show aggression to the newcomer or if it’s a new budgie, your budgie may start to bite and fight with the new budgie

If this is the case, it would be a good idea to keep them in separate cages and gradually introduce them to each other

Increased In Vocalization

Aggression can also be shown with their vocals

If you have introduced a new budgie to the cage, your budgie may start to scream loud and squawk

This is their way of trying to scare the new arrival

Your budgie may also screech at new pets or friends you have over whenever they come close to your budgie

Not only screaming, but your budgie may even growl, hiss and flap their wings


Sometimes a jealous budgie won’t know what to do so they’d pace back and forth in their cage

They may just crawl up in your arm or hide in your hair

Another sign is they would throw out their seeds or peck at toys, these are all signs of jealousy

It’s sad because they’re so emotionally unstable they don’t know what to do

This type of behavior may happen if you’ve separated your budgie from whatever caused it’s jealousy, for example you put the new budgie in a different cage

Because it can’t fight or show their aggression to the new budgie or pet, your budgie will stay busy by being restless and displaying the symptoms mentioned above

Staying Alone & Isolated

Your budgie may not openly show they are jealous

Rather they would isolate themselves and act like they’re not bothered (Whereas in reality they are!)

This type of behavior is more noticeable if your budgie is very sociable and lively

If you notice your budgie would at first would always come to you and stay with you but now they don’t want to come out it’s cage, it may be jealous

Self Mutilation

Some budgies show aggression to whatever it is causing jealousy

But other budgies may show aggression to themselves

They may start to pluck their own feathers, over-groom themselves or start to peck at bare skin

If you don’t stop this straight away, your jealous budgie may hurt themselves!

Sometimes feather plucking could be for other reasons too so it might be worth getting them checked out at the vets

Why Your Budgies Get Jealous – Possible Reasons

Your budgie may get jealous because of the following reasons

New Arrival In The House

Budgies would get upset and distressed when their normal routine is disrupted especially if it’s got to do with a new pet or family member

Here’s a list of what it could include

  • A new baby has been born! (Congratulations if this is the case with you!)
  • A new roommate
  • Having friends over
  • Getting a new pet like a dog or cat
  • Another budgie or if you’ve already got 2 then a third budgie
  • Putting in new toys and removing the old toys

Your budgie will feel like these newcomers are a threat to their safety, resources or their favorite person

A bit like if your child is the only child and then you bring home another baby

It can be quite difficult to accept

This leads me to my next point

Not Getting Enough Attention

Budgies are very social and they love attention – especially if you give them all the attention

Now if you had a new pet or another bird, your attention has to shift and your main budgie won’t get the same attention

This will make them jealous

If you do get another budgie, it might be a good idea to put them in different cages and different rooms if possible

Just so your budgie won’t see you playing and giving attention the new budgie

Then you can gradually introduce them

Lack Of Socialization

We all know how social budgies are and how much love and companionship they offer

Now if you’re the only person they spend time with, your budgie may get over-attached to you

This can lead to jealousy and possessiveness

Because they haven’t seen much of the world or other people and animals, they’ll feel scared and may react aggressively

They might even want to protect you from other people or animals

Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

Come on, let’s admit it, we are all guilty of this

I personally am guilty of this (I’m working on this I promise!)

It’s easy to get distracted on your cell phone and spending too much time on it

Especially YouTube shorts and TikTok

If your budgie notices you spending too much time on your phone, they may get jealous because you’re not giving them the attention and time they want

It’s important to not spend time on your phone too much when you’re around your budgies

Try to put the phone away when you’re with your budgie

Too Much Reading

If you’re not too much on your phone as it’s not your thing

You may love reading and your time is spent reading

Of course this is a good thing but for your budgie it’s not!

They want your attention!

If it’s possible, try to read when they have gone to sleep

Or if they’re not with you

These are some of the common reasons a budgie may get jealous

But only you know your budgie and can understand your budgie better than anyone else

Learn to see what’s affecting your budgie and what is causing them to get jealous, then take appropriate action

I would like to talk about how you can prevent jealousy and see if that helps you and your budgie

How To Stop Jealousy In Budgies

We know the reasons why a budgie may get jealous so we just have to counter those things that get a budgie jealous

Here’s some of the things you can do stop your budgies getting jealous

Let Your Budgie Socialize With Others

If you are the only person looking after your budgie, you’re their only companion and the one who only interacts with your budgie then this will create a strong bond with your budgie

Here’s the thing though

You shouldn’t let this happen. Yes, spend time with your birdie and take care of your bird but you should allow others to do so as well

For example, let your family members feed your budgie, try to get your budgie to meet your friends that come over, interact with other pets

The idea is to get your budgie used to other people and pets (if you have other pets)

This way, your budgie will be used to new people and animals and will make your budgie less defensive

Make Your Budgie Prepared For Change

Look, nobody likes change

To be honest, I hate change as well! But that’s life right?

Your budgie may hate change and if change happens very quickly it can cause problems

For example if you’re getting a new budgie

Don’t put them together in the new cage straight away

Gradually introduce them slowly

Keep your new budgie in a different cage and in another room and let them meet each other slowly

If you want your budgie to be moved into a larger bird cage, don’t do it straight away

Let your budgie explore the new cage first so they get used to it

Do this in advance before you put them in a new cage

It’s all about taking things slowly

Spend Some Quality Time

A great way to make your budgie feel like they’re not forgotten is by spending time with them

Set aside some time during the day and keep that time just with you and your budgie

This could be a play session for like 30 minutes where it’s just you and your birdie

Try to keep this time the same time everyday – a routine

Another way is you can let your budgie sit on your shoulder, or strict feeding times

Your budgie will feel less jealous when it knows it doesn’t feel like it’s losing you

Us humans and budgies can get jealous the same way especially if you feel like you’re losing someone special especially when the attention becomes divided due to some reason

It’s the same for budgies

You just have to make sure they know they are loved and not forgotten

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