Why Do My Male And Female Budgies Fight?

No matter how cute, lovely, and friendly budgies can be, there are still instances where they can get aggressive.

If you have male and female budgies, you might notice that there are times when they are attacking each other, even if they are normally considered even-tempered.

This can be because of several reasons like territory fights, uncomfortable living conditions, or sometimes the budgies can’t just really get along.

You should immediately try to stop their fights as it could cause a potential influence on your budgie’s health and behavior.

Let’s get into more detail..

Can a Male And Female Budgie Fight?

In most cases, budgies can get along and be friendly with other birds or parakeets.

Though this is typically the case, you can still see your budgies fighting each other.

There are some obvious signs where you can determine if a parakeet is becoming aggressive already such as the actions of biting, chasing, hissing, or becoming too overprotective of their food and territory.

If your male and female parakeets fight, there is most likely a reason behind their behavior.

Some birds are extremely dominant that fighting becomes unavoidable when they are paired or accompanied by other birds.

You should address their fighting as soon as possible as prolonged fights could put your birds’ health in danger. 

Your parakeets will most likely get aggressive towards you and other birds.

This may become really unpleasant as it can also bring stress and aggression to others. 

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Why Does My Male Budgie Attack My Female Budgie?

There are two possible reasons why your male budgie attacks your female budgie:

The first one would have something to do regarding territory,

While the other reason is that your male budgie could be trying to get the attention of your female parakeet. 

These reasons may be considered as normal instincts of birds.

Budgies may fight over their territories.

If a male budgie has already established a cage as his home, it will possibly attack the female budgie just to protect its turf.

Hence, you should not try to put a female budgie in the cage of the male parakeet because they will likely end up in a fight. 

If you want to establish a bond between two budgies of the opposite sex, it is likely that your male budgie will actually fight the female to get its attention.

This is the tendency during the mating season of the parakeets. 

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Why Are My Budgies Suddenly Fighting?

Budgies suddenly fighting will most likely alarm you as a budgie parent

This is primarily because you know that fighting could put your pets’ health in danger if they are left uncontrolled.

Here are some few reasons why your budgies will suddenly fight each other: 

Territorial Instincts 

Your friendly parakeets can suddenly show aggressive actions towards each other because of their territorial instincts.

Budgies can fight other birds to protect their home which is their cage.

It can also happen to protect their perches or favored toys against other parakeets.

You may see them nipping, squeaking, or chasing each other as a form of aggression. 


If you keep multiple parakeets in one cage, there may be a huge fight because of overcrowding.

An overcrowded cage would result in multiple damages to your budgies’ health and well-being.

When the cage has become too small for them, they would fight for more room to fly and personal space.  

This would result in becoming overly aggressive and territorial on their resources and mates.

It would only cause suffering to more timid birds as they will become stressed and unhealthy. 

That is why it’s important to have a large cage

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Parakeets are naturally friendly, but bird tensions are still possible between them.

Your budgies will fight each other, simply because they have poor chemistry.

When introducing new budgies, make sure you do it slowly and carefully to familiarize themselves with each other’s existence.

If budgies continue to fight despite the efforts, then separating them will only be the best choice. 

Now I know what you’re thinking

How on earth do I stop my birdies fighting?

Let’s find out..

How Do I Stop My Budgies From Fighting? 

It is always best to stop your parakeets from fighting to avoid any unfavorable effects on your birds.

There are still ways you can do to prevent your budgies from plucking each other’s feathers to establish a harmonious bond. 

Separate cages

The best way to address the territorial instincts of your parakeets is to give them separate homes.

This would prevent your budgies fight over their territory when they have their own personal space.

If you want to introduce your budgies to one another, you can try putting their cages closer once their aggression seems to be subsiding. 

Have a neutral area

Do not put another parakeet in a cage belonging to one already in hopes that they will play and mingle with each other.

It will only result in fighting because the other parakeet would interpret the action of the other bird as an invasion. 

Instead, try to maintain a neutral play area that no one has claimed it as their own.

Just still be wary of any possible fights, but this would be another effective way to lessen the bird tension between your parakeets. 

Verbal Disruption

If you see or hear your budgies fighting, simply try to stop their fighting by telling them not to fight.

All you need to do is to say words of discouragement like “No!” or “Stop!” to prevent any more bird clashes.

This will help your parakeets recognize to stop the action.

You can also try to soothe them after to prevent any build-up stress within themselves. 

Wrapping Up

Parakeets are naturally friendly, but they can also be aggressive towards one another.

If your male and female budgies fight, it is most likely related to their territorial instincts, mating urges, or incompatibility.

Your parakeets may also fight one another if you keep them in a small cage as they would want to have their own personal space and fly area. 

You should prevent them from fighting as soon as possible by providing separate cages, having a neutral play area, or through simple words, so you can keep your birds’ health and well-being steady. 


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