Master the Art Of Winning Your Parakeet’s Affection With These Expert Tips!

In this post you’re going to learn exactly how to make your parakeet love you

This post will go through the following

  •     How To Teach Your Parakeet Their Name
  •     How To Hand Train Your Parakeet
  •     More Ways To Get Your Parakeet To Love You

So if you want your parakeet to love you to bits! Then you’re going to love this article

Sound interesting?

Let’s get started!

If you have decided to get a parakeet as a pet you are probably hoping that it will bond with you and your family so that you can all enjoy a close and rewarding relationship.

It’s beautiful right?

But the problem is

How to make your parakeet like you?

So let’s look at different ways to make your parakeet love you and build that special relationship!

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 How To Teach Your Parakeet Their Name

A great first step to communicating with your pet and building a special bond is to let them know they have a name.

When they start to recognize their name they will begin to respond to you when they hear it, and look forward to seeing you when you call them.

Check out these 3 simple steps to teach your parakeet their name:

  1. Choose a simple name that the whole family enjoys using and when you call it try to all use the same tone of voice or tune. This will make it even easier for your parakeet to recognize when they are being spoken to, and they will begin to respond to their name more and more quickly.
  1. Whenever you enter the room with your parakeet’s cage in, call their name and go over to say hello. Spend time chatting to your parakeet every day, repeating their name so that they get familiar with it. This will also create a special bond between you two because you’re spending quality time together 
  1. Link your parakeet’s name with a positive experience. Having a chat is a positive experience as it provides your parakeet with direct attention, company and entertainment. You can also offer treats through the cages of the bar so that your parakeet learns to come right up to you when you call their name. This is another great way of spending quality time with your parakeet 

By teaching your bird their name has many great benefits

And the main benefit is

You get to spend quality time with your parakeet

This is a great way of getting your parakeet to love you

They need love and affection but also time too

Teaching them their name gives you the chance to spend some good quality time with your bird

How To Train a Parakeet (Hand Training) 

Getting closer to your parakeet will strengthen your bond and nurture the trusting relationship so that your pet parakeet will love you more.

Here are 3 simple steps towards hand-taming your parakeet:

  1. Spend plenty of time near the cage so that your parakeet gets used to the activity happening near him and he doesn’t get spooked. You can chat to your parakeet to put him at ease, offer him treats or the tips of your fingers through the bars to nibble on if he is brave enough. The more time you spend doing this every day the more curious your pet will get and the more curious your pet becomes the more inclined he’ll come to you 
  1. Spend time with your hand inside of the cage. Don’t reach out to touch your bird at this stage as you may frighten him. The idea is for your parakeet to get used to the hand being there, as if it is just another perch. So keep it still and carry on chatting as usual. 
  1. Offer your parakeet food from your hands. By the time he gets used to you being around the cage, and your hand being inside of the cage, he will now be ready to give in to his curiosity or desire and perhaps even take some food out of your hand. Don’t force your parakeet, just hold some food in between your fingers near a perch or leave your hand open with some seed in your palm. Soon your parakeet will be coming eagerly to greet your hand!

What’s important here is to have patience

It may happen within a day

Or it may take days

Or even weeks!

But don’t lose hope

Your parakeet is yours to stay

Take time and allow your bird to come to you

Do this everyday

Let your bird trust you

It will take time but it will be worth it for sure!

More Ways On How To Get a Parakeet To Like You

The more time you spend with your parakeet the more your bond will grow and your parakeet will trust you and look to you for entertainment and affection.

When you feel your parakeet knows you well enough and trusts you you might decide to try taking him out of his cage.

You will know when the time is right because you will have had lots of fun moving your parakeet from perch to perch inside of the cage with him hopping onto your finger.

This time just move your finger towards the door.

Your parakeet may climb off and either go back inside the cage or climb up on top.

This is fine too.

Just stay near the cage and chat as usual.

When you give your parakeet freedom like this you will really know how in love with you they have become because they will always want to come back to you when you call them.

Spending time with your bird is the most important thing

You have to give them attention

Love and affection

Just as we want these basic needs, of course your parakeet will want the same right

It’s all about meeting their basic needs

Feed them the best of high quality bird food

This will ensure they are kept healthy

And a healthy bird is a happy bird

A happy bird will more likely bond with you and trust you

Which means

Your parakeet will love you

Another important factor is providing your bird with a large cage

Give Your Parakeet a Large Bird Cage

This is very important

Your parakeet will spend a lot of time in their in the initial stages

Also during their time with you they will be in their cage

So you want to make sure they have a lot of space to fly about and move around

Let’ look at the benefits of having a large bird cage

  • Gives your bird a lot of space to fly about and move around
  • You can add a lot toys
  • Add more perches
  • They don’t feel trapped
  • They don’t get bored

You see how important it is

Birds can get bored in cages

Especially if you’re gone away during the day for work

And if you have a small bird cage

What can they do in there

It limits everything

If your parakeet gets bored then it can lead to health complications

With a large bird cage they have more space to fly about

You can add a variety of toys

This will keep them entertained and happy during the time you are away

And when you come back,

You can let them out of the cage and then spend some time with your parakeet

This all adds up to making sure your parakeet is happy and healthy

Which in return will make your parakeet love you

You must be wondering which large bird cage should you get

It all depends,

How much space do you have at home?

Could you make more space for a large bird cage?

Can you afford a large bird cage

Whatever is in your capability

The larger the bird cage the better

I would recommend

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It ticks all the boxes this awesome bird cage does

I mean look at that!

It’s huge and wide

So you know your parakeet has plenty of space to fly about and move around

I’m sure your parakeet will love you for this!

Want to know how huge this is?

Here’s the dimensions

60 inches

23 inches wide

37 inches long

1/2 inch wire spacing

Pretty big right

It’s the perfect bird cage for your parakeet!

The price is actually not bad too

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If you are still unsure which bird cage you want to get

You can check out my article best bird cages for budgies

Although it’s for budgies but the bird cages can be for parakeets too

Worth a check because I recommend some awesome bird cages!

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Best bird cages for budgies 

How To Make Parakeets Happy?

It’s easy to make your parakeet happy

You have to make sure you spend quality time with your bird

Everyday set a routine to spend some time with your budgie

This is very important

For example, after work, you can give your parakeet out of cage time

This way you can spend time with your bird

Maybe you can teach your parakeet some new tricks

Or play a ball game

Let your parakeet sit on your shoulder and be with you

Another way to make your parakeet happy is to provide them with plenty of toys

This is a good way of keeping your birdies entertained when you are not there

Which is why I mentioned having a large bird cage allows you to add a variety of toys for your parakeet to play with

Giving your parakeet a healthy diet is another way of keeping them happy

Make sure to add fresh fruit and vegetables as they love this and it also keeps them healthy

Also, offer treats too!

They love treats, I mean who doesn’t love treats!

In a nutshell, you have to take care of your budgie

I actually have an article about this where I go into more detail so make sure to check it out!

How to take care of a budgie


If you want to make your parakeet to love you then I have some good news for you

It’s easy

You need to have patience

But trust me,

It’ll pay off!

Parakeets need love and affection

And to give them this you need to give them your time

Spend some quality time with your bird

Do things together

Like teaching them their name

Feeding them

And let them out of the cage

By the time you know it

Your parakeet will be loving you to bits!

Keep your parakeet happy

How do you do this?

Provide them with a large bird cage

And add as many toys as you can

Spoil them

This will keep your bird entertained and happy

Happy bird is a healthy bird

And a happy and healthy bird will surely love you






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