How To Keep Parrots Entertained

In this post you’re going to learn how to keep parrots entertained

If you’re away at work during the day and you’re wondering how to keep your parrot busy and entertained then you’re going to love this article!

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  •     Great Bird Toys To Keep A Parrot Entertained For Longer
  •     How To Give Your Parrot Free Time Outside Their Cage
  •     More Ideas To Keep A Parrot Entertained

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Parrots are very intelligent animals, and this means that you will have to make an effort to keep them entertained.

If you don’t then you could find that your parrot becomes bored.

Bored parrots may be destructive, noisy or pull their feather out.

That is why it’s very important to know how you can keep your bird happy and entertained

The last thing you want is for your parrot to become bored

Although we may not think of it much

Parrots can become bored

Do Parrots Get Bored

Parrots can get bored if you don’t provide them with some sort of entertainment

If you don’t spend time with them or provide them with toys then yes of course they will get bored

This is something bird owners do not want happening


Because a bored parrot can lead to depression

And this can lead to your parrot screeching

They will peck at things that they should not be pecking at

They can become stress which can lead to loss in feathers

Imagine, this is all from boredom

Do you see how important it is to keep your parrots entertained?

So now we know that parrots can get bored and the consequences

Let’s look at some awesome ways you can keep your parrot entertained

5 Awesome Ways To Keep Your Parrot Entertained

Variety of Toys 

Give your parrot a variety of toys

If you can, then you should buy them a new toy every month

That way they don’t get bored

If you can’t do this then rotate the toys in your parrots cage

One week have one set of toys and then the next week a different set of toys

This way they are not playing with the same toys

There are many toys your parrots love to play with

Let’s take a look at what your parrot will love


Any bird toy with a mirror will keep your parrot entertained for much longer. This is because they will have the company of their reflection. Being sociable animals, parrots love to have company, even if it is only their own! Choose a good sizes mirror that is safe for your parrot and attached securely to the cag


Parrots love to swing and sing, so provide a big sturdy swing for them to enjoy!

You can also get swings with bells, mirrors and other accessories attached for even more fun.

Wooden Toys

These provide your parrot with a great opportunity to gnaw, which is a natural behavior, offering mental stimulation and fun at the same time.

If you take a look at the picture

It’s very colorful right?

This is perfect for your parrot because your parrot can see more colors than us humans!

Your Parrot will love this!

Ropes and perches

Fill your parrot’s cage with plenty of natural rope perches that he can hang off, climb all over and chew on

Let Your Parrot Out Of The Cage

It is important to allow your parrot time outside of their cage so that they are able to stretch their wings and have a change of scene.

Parrots should be let out of the cage for a few hours every single day so that they can get some exercise and explore.

The biggest rule of letting your parrot out of its cage is to ensure that the environment is safe and secure.

This means removing other pets like dogs and cats, and making sure that your parrot is fully supervised.

Make sure that all windows and doors are closed too as you don’t want your parrot to escape.

When your parrot is out of its cage you should spend time interacting with them so that you can direct their attention towards positive things like play and exploring things that are safe for them.

If you leave a parrot to its own devices you may find that they want to chew your belongings or things that are dangerous such as wires and cords.

When you let your parrot out of their cage it gives you a chance to spend some quality time

Which leads me to my next point..

Spend Time With Your Parrot

This is very important

If you just leave your parrot and expect them to stay happy and entertained then this is the wrong thinking

Parrots need our time and affection

When we’re not there, then of course keep them busy with toys

But we should spend some quality time during the day

Especially when they are out of their cage

They shouldn’t just be kept in their cage

Birds will get bored staying in their cage all day

When you spend time with your parrot then this will increase the bond between you two

It will also keep them entertained and happy too!

Train Your Parrot

If you love having your parrot out of the cage everyday, a great way to fill up this time constructively is to use it to do some training with your parrot.

You can teach your parrot loads of simple tricks using his favorite treats and lots of praise for rewards.

Your parrot will love coming out of the cage to perform his tricks and get his treats!

This will again strengthen your bond bringing you closer to your pet so that you can both get more out of your relationship with each other.

You can then show off these tricks to family members and relatives!

Cage Size Is Important!

What do I mean by this

Your parrots cage should be big!

I mean as big as you can afford and how much space you have

The bigger the cage for your parrot the better

This is very important

If your parrot has a large bird cage then you can add a lot of toys

You can add different perches

Decorate it

Keep it busy for your parrot

The idea is – your parrot should not get bored in their cage

Also, a large bird cage allows your parrot to fly about

They can spread their wings and move about too

A small bird cage will make it feel too cramped and limited space

If you have space at home and your budget allows you

Then I would recommend
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This bird cage is the best for parrots

It’s tall and wide so gives plenty of space for your parrot to fly about

There’s a really cool open top play area where your parrot can play about

It has a bottom side out grate and a metal tray which makes this cage easy to clean!

The cage is coated with non toxic powder which makes it safe

It pretty much ticks all the boxes

You can’t go wrong with this one

Your parrot will love it for sure!

You can find out the price by clicking the link below

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There you have it

5 awesome cute ways to keep your parrot entertained

Wrapping It Up

Keeping your parrot entertained is easy

They just need attention, love and affection

Also, providing them with a large bird cage helps

You can add a variety of toys and perches in a large bird cage which will keep your parrot busy and entertained

Especially if you are away at work during the day

That doesn’t mean you keep them in their cage

Let them out as much as possible and spend time with them

Interact with your parrot

This will not just keep them entertained

But also create a very special long lasting bond with your parrot

And this will keep them happy and healthy

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