What Do Budgies Like In Their Cage?

In this article you’re going to learn what your budgies like in their cage

You’ll also learn how big should a budgie cage be so you have an idea of getting the best cage for your budgie

So if you want to keep your budgie entertained and provide him with the best of toys then you’re going to love this article!

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Half the fun of owning a pet budgie is having fun arranging and decorating the budgie’s cage.

There’s such a great variety of colorful toys and accessories that it can be overwhelming for some to know what their budgie would actually like in their cage.

We all want the best for our budgie

And let’s admit we want to have the most decorative bird cage

Something your bird will love for sure!

Carry on reading to find out some great tips to kit your budgie’s cage out.

Before we look at what to put in a bird cage

Let’s talk about the size of a birdcage you should have for your budgie

How Big Should A Budgie Cage Be?

The best advice is to ignore all advice on minimum sized cages and go for the biggest cage that you can afford that will fit nicely in your chosen spot in the home.

The more space the better for your budgie, as this will be their territory, their home, and depending on whether you choose to give your pet budgie free flight time it could even be their entire world.

The bigger the cage the better

And trust me, you will want to have multiple budgies because they’re so cute!

They need company as well so a bird cage that can hold multiple budgies will be ideal

There are many bird cages out there and you want to make sure you get the very best

Or at least something that will last a long time

There’s a lot of things to consider before buying a large birdcage

I would recommend checking out

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

This is the best birdcage for a budgie I believe

I mean if you want something big then just take a look at that!

It’s huge

It ticks all the boxes for the best bird cage

I go into more detail about why this particular one is ideal in another article which you can check out by clicking the link below

Best large cage for budgies 

What Kind Of Cage Is Best For A Budgie?

Budgies love to climb so you should get a spacious cage where at least one side has horizontal bars or a wire grid for your budgie to use as a climbing frame.

Go for a cage that is not too narrow in width or length and not too short in height.

Your budgie should have enough space to open his wings and flap if he wants to without being obstructed by branches or toys.

What Are The Main Things A Budgie’s Cage Should Have In It?

Here is a list of the basic contents of your budgie’s cage:


Go for a variety or shapes and sizes or natural branches so that your budgies feet and toes get a good workout when he is moving about in the cage.

Here’s one that I would recommend

JW Pet Comfy Perch For Birds Flexible Multi-color Rope

Pretty simple but your budgie will love that

It’s ideal for them

It has some really good reviews too

Check Price On Amazon


One of your budgies favorite accessories will be the swing.

Go for a good sized swing and make sure it has plenty of space to move in the middle of the cage

You’ll see your cute budgie swinging away!

Here’s a pretty cool one that I think your budgie will love

Bonka Bird Toys 1136 Medium ABC Swing Bird Toy Parrot cage perches Cages Cockatiel Conure caiques Parakeets Budgie parrotlet Swings Perch

It’s so colorful!

That arch has some wooden blocks and plastic beads

Great for your bird to work it’s beak and chew on

Swinging and chewing – 2 in 1


Ladders are great fun for your budgie and climb up and down, and also encourage them to explore the floor of the cage.

North American Pet BBO22783 Bob Ladder Keet for Pets, 24-Inch


Budgies love to peck and gnaw at cuttlefish bone. It is a great source of calcium and helps to file their beak and claws.


A sheet of sandpaper for the bottom of the cage is ideal as it makes the cage easy to clean and provides a natural nail trimmer.

You can also use newspaper as long as your budgie doesn’t tear it up.

Food & Water Bowls

The best options are covered containers to prevent food and water from getting contaminated.

Choose a good size so that your budgie always has access to plenty of food and fresh water.

I would recommend
JW Pet Company Clean Water Silo Waterer Bird Accessory, Tall (Colors Vary)


Budgies are curious and they love to play.

So you should always have a variety of toys to rotate in the cage.

Mirrors, bells, plastic rings are all great choices

This is a great way of keeping them entertained

It will also keep them happy because you don’t want your bird to be bored 

You can check out my article about how many toys does my budgie needs in it’s bird cage 

Add Another Budgie

If you have only one budgie then you should definitely get another

Budgies love company

They are sociable animals

And if you are not there with them all the time then they could get bored

I’m not saying they will but there is a chance

Adding another budgie will give your budgie company especially when you’re away

But you can keep a single budgie

I have written an article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Can I keep a single budgie alone in a bird cage 

Wrapping It Up 

Your budgie’s cage is a fun part of owning a budgie as a pet.

You get to have fun choosing and arranging all of the toys and accessories so that you can then watch your pet enjoy his new home!

It’s a great way to bond with them too

It’s nice having budgies around especially when they chirp!

Keep them happy by adding what they want in their cage

Make sure the cage is cleaned regularly and keep a variety of toys for them

You and your budgie will have plenty of fun with it.

It’s important as I mentioned earlier  in the article about having a large bird cage

There are so many benefits to this

You should try to get the biggest cage possible (Depending on how much space you have in the house)

And of course your budget

I actually have a article on my top 10 best bird cages for budgies

You can check this out by clicking the link below

Best Bird Cages For Budgies 

Saves you the hassle of looking around cause it can get overwhelming

Have a look and you’ll some awesome cages that your budgie will sure love!


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