Unlock The Secrets To Perfect Budgie Care: Your Ultimate Guide Revealed!

Budgies are a great choice of pet because they are small, lots of fun, and easy to take care of.

This means they make the perfect family pet for kids and adults to enjoy in the home.

Keep reading to find out how to care of a budgie.

In this article we will discuss:

  • The Basic Needs Of Your Pet Budgie
  • Your Budgerigar’s Health & Safety
  • Tips To Keep Your Pet Budgie Happy

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Budgies are beautiful right?

I love the colors they come in

And they can be very vocal

Yes, they are amazing birds and make a perfect pet for the family

They’re not much hard work too

It’s nice having a bird that loves to sing in the house right

But it’s very important you know how to take care of a budgie in the right way

Just like every living thing has basic needs to survive your budgie of course has needs that has to be met

Budgerigar Care – Are Budgies Easy To Take Care Of?

They are very easy to take care of

More easier than a dog or a cat


The main thing a budgie wants is love and attention

So you need to give your bird some time

Of course you have to meet their basic needs (more about that later on)

Budgies are social animals so they need our time and love

If you can give your budgie that and look after their needs than this will be perfect in looking after your budgie

When you do all of this then you’ll have a bird that is happy and content

And that means a healthy bird

So now let’s look at meeting the basic needs of your budgie

The Basic Needs Of Your Pet Budgie

Budgies are not complicated pets to care for.

They are inexpensive to keep once you have acquired everything you need.

Here is a checklist of what you need to care for a new pet budgie:

A Good Size Cage

Yes birds do need cages

It helps keep them secure and safe

Especially if you have children

I’m not saying to keep them in the cage all day

Of course you should let them out and roam around in the house

I actually go into more detail about this in another article I wrote which you can check out by clicking the link below

Does a bird need a cage 


Go for the biggest cage you can afford so that your budgie has plenty of living space to explore and exercise in.

A big cage is very important


Because it gives your budgie loads of space to move around

Fly about

You also have the opportunity to add more toys

The last thing you want is your budgie to get bored because birds do get bored in cages 

If you have just one budgie, then trust me you will want another

You can have just the one budgie but they are very friendly birds and they love company

So giving your pet budgie another friend will have loads of benefits

Now if you have two budgies then you need a big cage

The bigger the cage the better

It will be a really good investment

You just want to make sure you don’t purchase a cage that will not last you long

Here’s a article I wrote about the best large cages for budgies

Click the link below

Best large cage for budgies 

I would recommend

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Click on the link and have a look at the size of that cage!

Now that cage is something your budgie will love

I mean look at how much space there is!

You can get 4 budgies in this cage without a problem

You can check out the price of this awesome cage by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazo

Bird Cage Accessories

Budgies are very curious creatures.

They love to play and climb.

So fill your cage with fun toys, perches, and ladders to keep them busy.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to have a big cage and no toys in them!

Try to add as many toys as you can and always rotate them

That way you bird does not get bored of playing with the same ones

If you’re wondering how many toys you should add then check out my article

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Food & Treats

Budgies love to graze on treats in their cage, as well as their main seed mix.

Provide a variety of commercial seed bells and millet sprays and supplement with fresh fruit and vegetables like carrot, lettuce, and apple!

They will love you for it

And it’s a great way of ensuring your bird is fed

Especially if you are at work, you will have a piece of mind that there is food for your budgies

When purchasing seeds get the highest quality

They deserve the best right?

Your Budgerigar’s Health & Safety

It is easy to keep a pet budgie healthy by making sure that you clean the cage regularly and provide a healthy diet and some exercise.

Cage Tips To Keep Your Budgie Healthy & Safe:

  1. Spot Cleaning – Clean the floor of the cage daily if you have several budgies or every few days if you have only a single bird or a pair. This will remove seed husks, dust and dropping for optimal hygiene.
  1. Full Clean – Disinfect the whole cage, including toys every 1-2 weeks depending on how many budgies you have
  2. Positioning – Position your budgie’s cage away from drafts and direct heat to stop your pets from getting a chill or becoming dehydrated. This means making sure that the cage is not kept near an open window, air conditioning unit or radiator. Be sure that your birds cannot reach any wires through the bars, and that your budgies are safe from other pets.

Simple tips but very effective in making sure your budgie is healthy

I go a little more in depth talking about cleaning your birds cage

You can check out my article

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A clean bird cage means a happy bird!

Now let’s look at how you can keep your budgie healthy which is of course very important

Trust me it’s not hard work but you’ll enjoy it

The love you have for your budgie makes it a enjoyable experience looking after them right

Useful Diet & Exercise Tips For Your Budgie:


Always feed a good quality seed mix that is formulated specially for Budgies.

Get the best for your bird

The ones that are of high quality

This will provide your bird with good nutrients

I would recommend Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix, 2 Pounds

These are really good to give to your budgies

They have a blend of fruits, vegetables and oils  with high nutritional value


A great way to keeping your budgie healthy

Providing them with food that has high nutritional value


Make sure your Budgie has access to fresh water by changing the water bottle daily.

If you have an open water feeder then ensure the water won’t be contaminated by food or droppings by placing it somewhere in the cage that isn’t underneath a perch or swing.

Free Flight

Let your budgies fly free in a secured room at least once a week.

Close all of the windows and doors, and make sure everyone in the house knows the budgies are out of their cage. Never feed your budgies outside of the cage, because then when they are hungry they will return to the cage willingly.

Letting your budgie out of the cage will create a special between you two

You get a chance to spend quality time with them

You can let them sit on your shoulder

Great bonding time which will make your budgie happy for sure!

Tips To Keep Your Pet Budgie Happy

Budgies love company.

If you can provide them with a feathered companion they will be very happy.

But don’t worry if not. Here are some other ways to keep them entertained

Provide A Mirror

Budgies love to chat to their reflection as if it is another bird! But if you have other budgies then you wouldn’t need one

Here’s a really great mirror you can get for your budgie

JW Pet Company Activitoys Hall of Mirrors Bird Toy, Assorted Colors

Great way to keep your bird entertained

Chat Or Sing To Your Budgie 

Your budgie will love listening to your voice.

You can even teach them to say simple words like their name and hello!

If you’re good at singing then sing too

Just make sure you don’t break the windows! (Just Kidding!)

You should always talk to your budgie

It’s a great way of bonding and communicating

Put The Radio On

Your budgie will like listening to the radio

If you’re at work or gone shopping then leave the radio on

It will give your budgie some company

Rotate Their Toys

Don’t give your budgie all of their toys at once.

If you rotate them then they will feel like they have a constant supply of fun new toys to play with!

Try adding a variety of toys too

You see, having a large birdcage gives you the option to do that

Giving your budgie toys will keep them entertained and happy

They won’t be bored when they are in their cage

If you’re wondering what else to put in your budgies cage then check out my article

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Wrapping It Up

Looking after your budgie is easy

It’s not hard

The main thing is you obviously meet the needs of your budgie

Once you have done this then you just got to show your budgie love and attention

Love and attention – this is very important

Budgies need our affection

Showering them with love and attention is a great way of taking care of your budgie

They will love you for this and will appreciate

You’ll also love it too because it will create a special bond

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