Do Budgies Pee

Have you ever seen a budgie pee?

We see there poop all the time because, I mean they do poop a lot!

Not just a lot

But they pretty much poop anywhere and everywhere! (Warning for new budgie parents!)

Don’t let that put you off from adopting a budgie,

Their cuteness will overpower the chore of cleaning budgie poop!

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So we know they poop (Budgie parents can agree with this)

But what about pee?

Do budgies pee? 

They actually do!

But here’s the interesting part

They don’t pee like how humans or any other mammals pee

It’s different

Let me explain

(It’s okay reading about this stuff so don’t think you’re weird! It’s actually very important to know this because you’d be able to tell if your budgie is healthy, and trust me, they can hide their illness very well)

Anyways let’s get into this article

How Do Budgies Pee?

If you look closely at their poop (It’s okay to go close, their poop doesn’t actually smell! If it does, this means they may be ill)

You’ll notice two different colors

You should be able to see clearly the solid brown part which is of course the feces

But you should also be able to see a liquid white part (urates) of their poop

That white part is actually budgie pee

It all comes out together

The urates mixes with the poop when they have to attend to nature call!

Interesting Fact
Budgies have one hole where they pee, poo and lay eggs. They have just a single vent which is called a Cloaca. This is pretty much where they do all their business from

You see, birds which include budgies (duh!) don’t have a bladder like how we do

They don’t even have a urethra

But they do have kidneys that filter waste

So they excrete both feces and uric acid out of their cloaca

Budgie Diarrhea

If your budgie has diarrhea it can be a cause of concern

If you are worried then a trip to the vets is important

Here’s the thing

It’s not something you need always worry about

For example, if you’ve given your bird a bath, a lot of water will come out the other end

When should you worry?

If your budgie is frequently pooping and it’s runny then there may be a problem with either their diet (more on that later on) or it’s due to an illness. This is when you should definitely go to the vets!

If your budgie is pooping a lot, well that’s normal so nothing to be concerned about

Just keep an eye on their poop

Diarrhea And Diet

Budgies love fruits and vegetables! That’s without a doubt

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But it shouldn’t be too heavy on this.

Give them some seeds too

Here’s what you should give your budgie

  • 80% balanced pellet mix
  • 20% of fruits and veg (Make sure to check out my guide – What do budgies eat?)
  • Small number of seeds and nuts (As treats)
  • Fresh water should always be available
  • No processed or junk food

If you do follow this diet and your budgie is still getting diarrhea then you should go to the vets.

How Often Do Birds Pee?

That actually depends on the size of the bird

You see the cloaca absorbs about 98% of the water which is filtered by the kidneys, and remember how I mentioned they have no bladder, this means they can’t store the urine which is why birds often excrete a lot!

So a budgie would probably do it’s business usually every 15 to 60 minutes

What To Do If Your Budgie Has Peed/Poop On You?

Bird excrement is actually toxic and may carry diseases and parasites

So you should wash it straight away wearing gloves

Also, when you’re cleaning their cage, or have been in contact with their excrement, you should try to wear gloves and then wash your hands thoroughly

Before You Go..

Now that we know budgies don’t actually pee but they poop and pee at the same time

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