Do Crows Attack Pigeons? 

We all know that crows are omnivorous and are highly opportunistic birds.

They are willing to steal food, eggs, kill other animals, and other birds just for the sake of having a meal.

Crows particularly love to victim animals that are weaker than they are and are also highly vulnerable.

They would go for any animal that is easy to kill as well

Question is – Do crows attack pigeons? 

Yes they do



Pigeons definitely do not lack against crows in terms of size.

However, these birds are vulnerable and often targeted by these cawing birds.

Crows do attack pigeons and they even eat them.

After all, pigeons can easily be overpowered because they are weaker than crows.

This is also the reason why some pigeons deliberately avoid these black birds, because they know they are a dangerous threat to them. 

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Are Crows Stronger Than Pigeons? 

Yes, crows are stronger than pigeons.

In their nature alone, crows definitely have an upper hand in a fight.

These birds are omnivorous and are always sure to kill other animals.

Pigeons, on the other hand, are generally herbivores, so it is hard for them to defend themselves against crows who kill for food. 

Furthermore, crows have bigger and stronger beaks.

Their pecks are powerful compared to the beaks of pigeons which is meant for picking grains.

Many have already reported seeing crows attacking both young and adult pigeons. 

In most cases, they often see crows feeding on these birds, proving how crows are significantly stronger than these birds. 

Are Pigeons Afraid Of Crows? 

Crows are dangerous predators for pigeons.

Hence, it is not surprising if we see pigeons running away from these opportunistic birds.

They are afraid of them because they know they are easy to kill and be hunted by these black birds. 

In the very first places, pigeons have no way of defending themselves against crows.

They are weaker than them in all aspects.

They have weaker beaks and certainly do not have a powerful peck to attack crows.

They also have talons that are only meant for perching, compared to crow’s meant for gripping their prey. 

Even adult pigeons are scared of crows.

Most crows can successfully hunt and kill a pigeon for food.

Naturally, a pigeon would do its best to escape from the eyes of this predator. 

Will a Crow Kill a Wood Pigeon? 

Crows show no mercy to any potential food.

They will surely kill a wood pigeon or any of their kind.

Whether it’s a wood pigeon, a city pigeon, an adult, a baby pigeon, or their eggs, they will aim for it if there is an opportunity for them to attack and kill them.

These birds are highly opportunistic and have a diverse diet.

They will not hesitate to do anything just to have food in their stomach.

Pigeons are vulnerable and easy prey for crows.

They see them as weak and easy food.

Crows are also aggressive and are not picky.

They will never let an opportunity pass if they see a wood pigeon out there, unprotected.

There have already been a lot of cases where crows successfully hunt a pigeon and feed on them viciously. 

What Would Attack a Pigeon? 

Pigeons are considered as a prey for many predatory birds out there.

Even other animals kill these pigeons because they are easy to hunt.

These birds do not particularly have anything they can use to fight back any predator.

Their beaks and talons are not really useful to defend themselves.

Their only way to survive is to fly and run away from these birds. 

Unfortunately, there are many bird predators for pigeons that can generally overpower their flying abilities.

These include

Hawks, owls, falcons, crows, ravens, and kestrel birds are some of their natural predators in the air.

These birds all have strong hunting ability that would make any pigeon run away for their lives with the best of their abilities. 

Do Crows Attack Other Birds? 

Crows are aggressive birds and often harass animals they can easily target.

Part of their diet are other birds too, such as pigeons, sparrows, finches, doves, canaries, and even chickens.

This is already expected as these black birds are opportunistic, not picky, and willing to kill any animal for food. 

However, crows love eggs.

They will often most likely go for the eggs first and nestlings, before killing an adult bird.

This is not really a hard task for them due to their superior intelligence.

Crows usually attack other birds whenever they are really out of options for food already.

Wrapping Up 

Crows are considered to be one of the dangerous predators of other birds, like pigeons.

They are often seen hunting and killing pigeons as food.

Be it a city pigeon, a wood pigeon, an adult one, a nestling, or even eggs, crows will grab the chance and kill them.

This is because they see pigeons as weak and vulnerable birds, considering how they cannot really defend themselves. Basically they’re an easy target 

Other bird animals can also be a crow’s target.

Finches, sparrows, doves, and other easy animals to kill will make the crows never let go of the opportunity.

Remember that these black birds are omnivorous, aggressive, and highly opportunistic.

They will never hesitate to steal and kill, just to sate their hunger. 


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