Where Do Pigeons Go To Die

Ever wonder – Where do pigeons go to die?

I mean, they are millions of pigeons and we see them all the time

Early in the morning eating away on the ground

Yet, we never see a dead pigeon

Yes, we may see a dead pigeon that has died due to an accident with a car

This unfortunately happens

But we never just see a dead pigeon

The reason for this is because pigeons hide away when they are sick or about to die

Why Do Pigeons Hide When They Are Sick?

Pigeons will hide and basically isolate when they are not too well or even injured

This is because they don’t want to be seen by predators such as hawks, cats, falcons

So hiding away where they are not seen is the best for them to either recover or unfortunately die

You see, when pigeons are not feeling well or they know that their time is up

It will be difficult for them to fly

Instead of staying somewhere out in the open they would go into their nests or places where predators won’t find them

That is why you don’t see dead pigeons falling from the sky

Why We Don’t See Dead Pigeons?

As mentioned earlier, pigeons go into hiding when they are ill or think death is at the door

So hiding away keeps them safe from predators

And because they hide in places where it’s not easily accessible, we don’t see dead pigeons

Another possible reason is once a pigeon has died

A predator may eat their body

If a pigeon has died on the street, a predator won’t just eat it there and then

They would take is someplace safe and discreet to eat it

Then insects move in and eat the remains

Cleaners who clean the street may get to dead pigeons before we see them

They would get rid of a dead pigeon which is another possible reason we don’t see them

How Do You Know a Pigeon Is Dying?

Here’s some sign to look out for if you see a sick pigeon

  • Trouble breathing, puffing or panting breaths
  • Not wanting to fly or can’t fly
  • Drinking excessively
  • Sitting very still even when being approached
  • Limping
  • Head listing to one side
  • Drooping wings

If you do see a pigeon that is sick then you should not touch them

Rather call the local animal shelters

Sometimes, pigeons can injure themselves by flying into windows

I actually talk about what you should do if you see a sick or injured in my article which you can check out by clicking below

Why do pigeons fly into windows?

What Is The Life Span Of a Pigeon?

Pigeons that are feral have a life span of about 3 – 5 years

Pigeons that are kept as pets and racing pigeons live between 9 – 15 years

Some have also known to live up to 20 years

What Can Cause a Pigeon To Die Suddenly?

Pigeons can catch diseases very easily

They are also know to carry diseases too

And because of this, they can die of these diseases that they may have caught

Another reason why a pigeon can die suddenly is due to age

Wrapping Up

Pigeons go to a quiet place and a place that is out of sight if they are about to die

When a pigeon falls ill or knows when their time is coming to an end, they want to stay away from predators

Which is why they pretty much die in isolation in places that we can’t easily find nor a predator

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