Are Crows Smarter Than Ravens? 

Ravens and crows are from the same bird family — corvids.

In general, this bird family is known for its highly intelligent members.

Some of the corvid birds are crows, ravens, rooks, magpies, jays, and jackdaws.

All of these birds have their own amazing abilities and great intelligence.

Among these species, most of the topics for comparison are crows and ravens.

Since they are from the same family, which is smarter?

The crows or the ravens? 

Are Crows Smarter Than Ravens? 

Technically, it is said that ravens are more intelligent than crows.

But still, it is important for you to know that these birds have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Despite being in the same family, they are still different from each other.

Ravens are known for having better problem-solving skills than crows.

In fact, these birds do pre-plan tasks – something that is entirely unique to them. 

On the other hand, crows are significantly skilled in remembering people, unlike ravens.

They are also more sociable and more intelligent in mingling with humans.

That is why you can befriend a crow and many people have actually done this

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They are also capable of solving problems, only a little level lower than the ravens.

Considering these differences, it is unfair to conclude and use only one basis to select which is smarter than another.

Which Is Better: Crows Or Ravens?

Comparing these two might be a little difficult, especially if there is no set of criteria.

Intelligence-wise, it is safe to say that in terms of problem-solving, ravens win the game.

These birds are highly intellectual to the extent that they are capable of pre-planning.

They are also capable of mimicking humans and have extremely amazing logical-thinking skills.

In this criteria alone, it is safe to assume that ravens are better.

However, crows are also great in their own way.

No other birds could remember better than crows.

They are also highly intelligent and can also use tools to solve their problems.

Similar to ravens, these birds have great thinking skills too, and have been proven to use conscious thinking as well.

Crows are also better in terms of anything that has something to do with socialization.

With these comparisons alone, it is really quite hard to determine which of them is better.

If there is only one thing for sure, these birds are both amazing. 

Which Is More Aggressive: A Raven Or A Crow? 

Crows and ravens fighting each other is extremely unlikely.

But these birds have their own fighting style to survive.

Crows win the game if the subject of concern is aggressiveness.

After all, these birds do not really attack on their own.

They attack with groups. 

For example, there’s a video of crows teaming up together divebombing an eagle! They’re not scared of anyone

Check out the video

Ravens, on the other hand, are strong enough by themselves due to their size.

In fact, in a one on one fight, it is safe to assume that ravens would win. 

But in reality, given how crows gang up together and attack a bigger or stronger predator, they are considered to be more aggressive. 

Are Crows The Smartest Bird? 

Crows are indeed clever, but there are also other birds who can par crows in terms of intelligence.

Ravens are said to be smarter than crows in some aspects.

While there are really other situations where ravens can outsmart crows, they still have some inferior qualities to them.

In this case, it is safe to conclude that both crows and ravens are the smartest birds.

Not only one of them, but both.

As mentioned, these two birds have their own distinct qualities and strengths. 

Both birds have superior problem-solving and thinking skills – only with ravens being a bit better than crows.

But crows have better sociability skills as they are more adaptable to human interactions.

They are also capable of remembering people quite remarkably for years – something ravens cannot really do.

Nonetheless, both birds are seriously intelligent and amazing.

In fact, other corvid species are also highly intelligent.

It is no exaggeration to claim that this family may be among the most intelligent species in the world. 

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This leads me to my next point

How Smart Is a Raven? 

Ravens are extremely smart, and that is something undeniable even among scientists.

In fact, a research in Osnabrück University in Germany revealed that ravens are as intelligent as chimpanzees and apes as early as four months old. 

Some of the well-known cognitive abilities of ravens are: planning for the future, effectively using tools to solve problems, food and item trading, and even capable of doing delayed gratification!

Seriously, these ravens are way too smart! 

Be noted that all of these abilities are all proven through a series of experimentation.

Corvids have always been one of the most surprising and exciting studies done by bird experts and scientists because of their intelligence. 

Wrapping Up

Crows and ravens are one of the most intelligent birds due to their amazing cognitive abilities.

In fact, their family called the corvidae or corvid have bird members that also possess high intelligence.

Ravens have superior problem-solving and thinking skills than crows, but it does not mean the latter is inferior already.

In fact, crows are better than ravens in terms of socialization and memory.

Needless to say, these birds have their own strengths, so it is hard to say which one is smarter than the other. 


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