Do Crows Attack Dogs

When it comes to birds

Crows are one of the most intelligent birds out there

Not only are they intelligent

But they can be very territorial

I mean, they would fight off an eagle if they think an eagle is a threat

You know what the surprising thing is?

Crows just don’t attack on their own

They work as a team

You can say they are the “gang” of the avian world

So yeah, you don’t want to mess with them

Hawks even stay away from them!

When it comes to attacking other birds or animals

A question a dog parent may wonder of think is

Do crows attack dogs?

The answer to this is

Yes, they do attack dogs

Not just for the sake of it or for no reason

But they would only attack a dog if they see them as a threat

Why a Crow May Attack a Dog? (In Detail)

Crows won’t just attack a dog for no reason whatsoever

I mean it’s very rare to be walking your dog and a crow out of nowhere just starts to attack your dog

A crow will only attack a dog if they see it as a threat

What do I mean by this?

Well, if your dog goes anywhere near a crows nest

Your dog will most likely get attacked by crows not just one but by the gang

Another reason a crow may attack a dog is because your dog has gotten too close to their babies

You see, crows are very territorial and will protect their babies and nests

Doesn’t matter who it could be

They will just go out all attack

How Would a Crow Attack a Dog?

When crows attack, they divebomb against the “enemy”

Here’s a video showing you how it looks like

In this video they’re divebombing against an eagle

Yep an eagle!

So an attack will most likely be similar to that in this video

The scary thing is they attack altogether

Question is

What To Do If A Gang Of Crows Attack Your Dog?

Well, make sure to quickly take your dog away

If your dog has wandered near a crows nest or their babies

Quickly take your dog and get away as fast as you can

Crows won’t follow you

They will only attack if they deem you a threat

So as soon as you’re gone they will (hopefully) stop

Don’t try to fight back

You know why?

Because the crows won’t just go away

But they’ll come back

Also, crows can remember faces for up to 3 years

So they’ll remember you and will attack you too!

Yes, crows do attack humans

Running away is the best option

How To Protect Your Dog Being Attacked By Crows

I’m sure you don’t want your dog to be attacked by a gang of crows

Because crows won’t hesitate to peck at your dog

This can cause bleeding and injury

So how do you protect your dog from crows?

Alternative Route 

If you know crows hang around a certain area

Avoid going that way

So if you’re taking your dog out for a walk

Don’t go the way where crows hang about

Or if you have no choice

Cross the road or walk past but from a distance

Avoid Going Near Their Nests & Babies 

Don’t let your dog go near a crows nest or their fledglings

Keep your dog on the leash when you’re going past an area where crows hang about (If you can’t find an alternative route)

If your dog is not a threat to crows, they won’t attack. Simple as that.

Distract Them

If crows happen to attack your dog

Distract them


Keep their favorites treat with you

What’s their favorite treat you ask?

Unsalted peanuts

They’re safe for crows to munch on so it’s healthy

Throw them at a distance

This should distract them whilst you can run away

Use Shiny Objects 

If crows hang about in your yard and your dog likes to chill in the backyard

It can be a tricky situation

So here’s how to deter crows

Hang around CDs around your backyard

Crows don’t like shiny objects so this should deter crows from chilling about in your backyard

Can Crows Eat Dogs?

Crows won’t eat dogs

But crows are scavengers and opportunists

So they do feed on corpses

Crows will unlikely kill a dog and eat it but if they do find a dead dog, chances they could snack on it

Can Crows Kill Dogs?

Crows can’t kill dogs

But they certainly can bully them

Because crows won’t attack a predator without a gang of crows

On the other hand a dog like a Shepard dog can injure or even kill a dog easily

Can Crows Carry a Dog?

Crows can’t carry a dog

But small puppies they can

It’s rare for them to do this but it actually has happened

This appeared in the news where a swarm of crows carried this small pup

This puppy was very small

So small that it could fit in the palm of a hand

As you can imagine, it was tiny!

Here’s the news article if you wish to read about it

Guardian news 

Do remember though, this was a very tiny pup

A crow would not be able to carry a full grown dog

And I highly doubt they ever would

When Are Crows Likely To Attack Dogs?

Well, they would only attack dogs when they see them as a threat

And that means going near their nests or babies

Crows breed during the summer months

So in the month of May, June and July when crows are nesting

Just make sure your dog does not go anywhere near them

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Wrapping Up

Crows won’t attack dogs for no reason

They would only attack if they see a dog as a threat

That means if your dog goes near a crows nest or babies

They will attack your dog

Not just one crow but a whole bunch of crows!

To stop your dog being attacked

Avoid going near crows especially during the summer months

Because this is when they are nesting

Try to find alternative routes to avoid crows altogether

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