Where Do Crows Sleep?

In this article you’re going to discover all about crows and where they sleep

Have you ever wondered what do crows do at night?

You hear them caw in the morning (which can be annoying!)

But when night comes, they’re nowhere to be seen

Question is – Where do crows sleep? 

Crows sleep during the night

Where do they go?

Crows sleep in places where they are protected from predators

So they would tend to sleep in places such as top of the trees on branches, in residential neighborhoods sleeping on window ledges or on the side of the building

They sleep high off the ground

I guess to ensure no predators such as foxes or cats and dogs can attack them

Most of the time, crows would gather and sleep on top of trees

How Does a Crow Choose a Certain Spot To Sleep In?

Crows are very intelligent birds

So when it comes to sleeping they consider a lot of things before deciding

One of the main factor crows consider is – they need to sleep without disturbance

Some place quiet

Here are other factors a crow must consider before choosing a spot to sleep in

Sleeping Without Any Noise And Disturbance 

Just as we need sleep without any noise a crow is the same too

Crows need it to be quiet in order for them to sleep

Which is why they prefer to sleep in a place where there is less noise


Of course crows need to ensure they are not attacked when they are sleeping

So choosing a spot where a predator won’t attack them is very important

That is why they tend to sleep in high places so they’re safe from predators such as cats, dogs and foxes

A Good View Of Their Surroundings 

This is important for crows and similar to the point above

Crows need to make sure they can see what is around them

That way they are aware and alert if any predator approaches them

Ability To React 

Crows will look for a spot where they have a chance to quickly escape if they are faced with danger

That is why there roosting spot is not much out in the open

Crows roost in a flock which allows them to fight together if a predator attacks them

These are points that a crow must consider when they choose a spot to sleep at night

Now if you’re thinking what’s a crow roost, I’ve got you covered

Let’s look at what this actually means

What Is a Crow Roost?

What is a crow roost?

A crow roost is when all the crows come together in a certain spot to sleep together

This gathering is called a “roost”

Crows are not the only birds to do this

Many bird species roost in groups such as

  • Crows
  • Robins
  • Starlings
  • Blackbirds
  • Swallows
  • Herons

So why do crows roost?

Well it’s because they get some sort of protection from predators by being in a large group

You see, crows are mostly afraid of owls

So by being in a large group with other crows offers some sort of protection from owls and other predators

It deters predators attacking them because they are so many of them

Where Do Crows Roost?

As mentioned earlier, crows roost usually at the top of trees

This is where they all gather

However this is not always the case

As sometimes crows would roost in other places as well

Such as top of buildings as it’s been observed crows roost in both rural areas and in cities

Here’s a spectacular video of a large number of crows gathering to roost on the rooftop of a University in Bothell

Check it out – it’s pretty awesome!

Do Crows Sleep In a Nest?

Crows won’t sleep in a nest

The nest is for their babies

Their babies sleep in the nests. Crows just bring food for them

Crows would hide their nest in a crotch near the trunk of a tree or they would build the nest on a horizontal branch which is usually towards the top of the tree

This is to ensure it is safe from predators

Where Do Crows Sleep In The Winter

Crows would sleep at the top of trees in large numbers or they would gather on rooftops during the winter

They won’t sleep anywhere indoors to protect them from the winter

It’s the same all year round

Crows would usually roost during the winter

It appears crows would join other roosts during winter even those crows who are breeding and territorial

Breeding crows would sleep on their territories during breeding season but then join the roost afterwards

When Do Crows Sleep And Wake Up?

Crows would usually gather at their roosting spot as soon as it starts to get dark

So when the sun starts to set they start gathering at their usual sleeping place

What time do they wake up?

They wake up early morning at dawn

You would usually hear them start to caw as soon as the sun rises

Sometimes they could wake up earlier than sunrise

This could happen if they see a predator approach or something has waken them up from their sleep

How Do Crows Sleep?

Crows sleep standing up

Why do they sleep standing up?

It’s because this allows a crow to be half asleep and half awake


Because it allows them to quickly react if any predator approaches them to attack

Amazing right? I mean how can a bird sleep standing up!

Crows are really interesting birds!

Do Crows Sleep In The Same Place Every Night?

They tend to gather at the same place at night

This is their resting place

So as soon as it starts to get dark, crows would meet up at their resting place for example at the top of a tree

They would be a lot of commotion before they settle down

One interesting fact is before they go to their roosting spot they have food that will help them survive to the morning

Do Crows Stay Awake At Night?

No they usually sleep during the night

That is why you wouldn’t hear any crows caw at night

That said, sometimes crows will go to sleep as late as 10pm so you could hear them caw during the early stages of the night

Or sometimes you may hear crows cawing during the night

Why does this happen?

Remember, crows sleep standing up so they’re half awake and half asleep

Now if a predator such as an owl comes to attack

Crows would quickly be able to react

And when they fight back they won’t fight alone, they fight in large groups

So as soon as they see danger they would call out to the other crows to help protect one another

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Wrapping Up

Crows would gather at large at their resting place

This would be at trees and rooftops

When crows gather at night it’s called roosting

They would all gather to sleep together

The reason they would sleep altogether is so they are protected from predators

Crows are like gangs and fight together

So when they sleep together they are more protected then sleeping alone elsewhere

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