Are Crows Smarter Than Dogs? 

If you are a person who has experienced dealing with crows, then pretty sure you know how smart they are.

These intelligent crows are known for their clever and mischievous tricks.

They use tools, solve problems on their own, and even remember faces for a very long time.

The thing here is: these crows are extremely intelligent – probably more than what you have initially expected. 

But, we all know that there are also other animals that we consider smart.

Most of the time, our pets like dogs and cats are one of the commonly trained animals that can do complex tasks.

But have you ever wondered and asked yourself if crows are smarter than dogs or cats?

Actually, we can consider that these crows are smarter than them.

While both cats and dogs are capable of doing tricks and solving problems as well, crows beat them through the fact that these birds make use of tools.

In fact, crows also scored relatively a higher score in terms of using the same standard tests used to measure human intelligence.

Really smart, aren’t they? 

Crows are very interesting birds

Are they they smartest animals?

Let’s find out

Are Crows The Smartest Animals? 

It is no exaggeration if crows are called to be the smartest in the animal kingdom.

While, indeed, there are other animals known for its intelligence, studies have already shown that crows may have a greater intelligence over them. 

In fact, a study led by Andreas Nieder from the University of Tübingen located in Germany revealed that crows are more impressive than we thought.

Because aside from their capacity to remember faces for a long period of time, and have the ability to make use of tools, these birds are self-aware and have a conscious mind. 

Crows have long surpassed other animals from their mere ability to use tools.

But Nieder’s study reveals that crows are actually solving problems through evaluation and thinking. T

hat’s right!

These birds solve problems like how humans do – thinking it over. 

Still, the argument whether these birds are indeed the best in terms of intelligence, there is really no way to outright confirm it.

After all, remember that these animals are completely different from one another.

They have different skills, abilities, and there are other factors to be considered. 

Are Crows Intelligent? 

It is an understatement to say that crows are intelligent, because these birds are extremely clever.

They have already been observed and researched countless times and it is being proven again and again how impressive they are. 

To give you an idea, here are some of the crows’ cognitive abilities that are indeed impressive.

1. Crows are rated as super smart by standards of human intelligence

There have been studies where scientists attempt to compare the intelligence of the corvid birds to other animals like dogs.

However, it is said that it is impractically possible to determine a definite result due to large differences in the species. 

However, it is being interpreted and studied that crows are smart using the standards of measuring human intelligence.

They can also remember faces of people quite impressively that last for years, indicating their super memory. 

2. Crows are as smart as a seven-year-old child

As mentioned, these crows are already considered to be intelligent by human standards.

However, it is also proven that they are smart enough to be on the same level of thinking of a child. 

While it is true that crows’ brains are smaller than humans, the thing to be considered is its brain’s relative size to its body.

Hence, scientists concluded that crows are as smart as a seven-year-old in terms of brain power.

3. Crows are capable of having analytical thoughts

Several experiments have also been done to measure these birds’ intelligence.

Results showed that crows can perform analytical thoughts.

As such, they are intelligent enough to understand analogies, solve problems impressively, and make use of tools to outsmart others and survive in their environment.

Have a look at this video just to see how smart and intelligent they are!

Pretty amazing and mind blowing when you think of it

Are Crows Friendly? 

Now that you know how amazing these crows can be, what about in terms of friendliness?

After all, you would not want to mess up with a super intelligent animal and become their enemy, right? 

To answer your curiosity, crows are friendly creatures.

Sure, you must have heard several experiences or reports that crows can be pretty annoying and scary, but it all depends. 

If you have previously shown bad behavior to a crow, such as hurting, threatening, or scaring them, then do not be surprised with their hostility.

Crows remember human faces, especially those who wronged them.

I think it would be a good idea not to get on their bad side. 

However, crows are still kind and friendly to those who are generous to them.

It might take a little while to get their trust, but the key in befriending these birds is food.

Consistently provide them food on a regular basis and soon, you will have crows as your friends right in your yard. 

Want to befriend a crow? Check out my step by step guide > How to befriend a crow?

Wrapping Up

Crows are highly intelligent birds, enough to be considered as super smart in terms of human intelligence.

They are clever enough as well to be compared to the brainpower of a seven-year-old child.

It is pretty much easy to say that these birds also beat other animals, like dogs, cats, and other smart creatures in regards to being intelligent 

These birds are also sociable and friendly, as long as you did not do anything to harm them. 


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