Do Crows And Magpies Get Along? 

Crows and magpies do belong in the same bird family which is the corvid or corvidae.

Naturally, it is safe to assume that these birds would have an irresistible and ideal bond with one another because they are family members.

Unfortunately, that is not really the case.

Their same family relationship does have any bearing to their encounters.

Despite being both corvids, crows and magpies do not really get along with each other. 

Crows and magpies are often in a heated encounter.

They usually tend to become aggressive and hostile with each other due to several reasons.

They may fight because of food, territory, nesting material, or in an attempt to protect their young.

It is even safe to conclude that they are natural enemies of one another as well, despite being in the same family.

Crows, in particular, are usually the one who instigate the fight between the two.

As I mention in my website – Crows are the bullies of the avian world 

Birds you don’t want to mess with because they’d gang up on you 

They would mob other birds regardless of size 

For example, here’s a video of crows divebombing an Eagle

Do Magpies Fight With Crows? 

Magpies are usually hostile to crows.

This is because crows tend to initiate a fight or harass them first.

Naturally, these magpies will fight back causing more fuel to the fire.

Hence, don’t be surprised if you witness a fight between the two.

It is most likely a serious heated argument that has led to a fight!

Despite being smaller, magpies can still hold a pretty good fight against crows.

They are also highly competitive, the reason why they might fearlessly attack a crow over a territory, a food, a nesting material, or any other valid reasons. 

This leads me to my next point

Does this mean…

Do Crows And Magpies Hate Each Other? 

These two birds show serious hostility to each other, no matter what the reason is.

In most cases, it is the crows who are often the instigator of the fight.

These large birds are particularly fond of harassing magpies over anything. 

Their hostility and heated fights are more frequent during the breeding or nesting season.

Magpies are extremely protective parents, and they will literally do anything just to protect their eggs.

Crows being crows, they love preying on vulnerable eggs such as those belonging to magpies. 

This is the reason why these two birds have a really bad relationship.

Crows usually cause trouble for these small birds and threaten their babies. 

Do Magpies Get Along With Ravens? 

Like crows, magpies and ravens tend to be pretty common in some places.

It will be inevitable for these two to have some encounters.

But, unlike with crows, magpies do not really seem to have grudges against ravens. 

Having a neutral to good relationship between bird species is still possible.

In this case, magpies and ravens are good examples.

These two birds are both from the same family and do not particularly hate each other. 

In fact, it is said that they make a pretty good alliance.

So, witnessing a magpie and raven forming a team to attack one bird or a predator is possible if a situation permits. 

Do Magpies Follow Crows? 

It is pretty difficult to determine if magpies have the habit of following crows.

Knowing their relationship with each other, magpies will not follow these black birds for something good. 

However, it is said that there are magpies who tend to follow crows and build their nests near their territory.

This is because crows are known for being good nest defenders and no other animals would have the guts to confront them!

Ironically, we can say that magpies are taking advantage of crows despite their resentment.

It’s pretty clever strategy though right?

Several reports have also been claimed that magpies follow crows, but not in a friendly way.

It is more of driving the crows away, not the other way around.

Magpies are fearless and would not hesitate to chase even crows just to protect their nest and territory. 

Do Magpies Mate With Crows? 

Since these two birds are family-related, it is not surprising if people sometimes wonder if mating is possible.

While they are both corvids, magpies and crows do not and can not be interbred. 

The very first reason is because of their differences.

Magpies and crows are still of different breeds.

Technically speaking, animals that are not of the same breed cannot possibly produce a hybrid offspring. 

Another reason why magpies mating with crows are unlikely is because of their relationship.

As said, these two birds are particularly hostile to each other.

They do not tolerate each other’s presence for several reasons.

If a peaceful relationship as family-related is not possible between the two, then mating is pretty much impossible!

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Magpies and crows are of the same bird family, but they have a really bad relationship.

Crows often harass magpies which leads the magpies to fight back.

Be it food, territory, eggs, or anything that is worth for the birds to defend, they will fight. 

On the other hand, magpies have a pretty good relationship with ravens.

This proves that neutral relationships between other bird species is still possible.

It is just that magpies and crows just treat each other as their natural enemy in all aspects. 

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